The 3 P’s you need when dating

3 p's you need when dating

Dating as a single woman in your 30s is not easy.  I should know.  I was a single woman dating in my 30s as well.  When you’re a single woman in your 30s and you’re dating, it’s not as much fun as when you were in your 20s but this video is going to help you change that.

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When you’re a single woman in your 30s, you probably have goals when it comes to dating.  Most of the time, that goal is either to get married or to go into a relationship that makes you happy and is stable.  To do that, you need the 3 P’s of dating.  I’m going to reveal what those 3 P’s of dating are in this video so keep watching.


The 1st P stands for persistence. Persistence here means that when it comes to dating, you don’t give up, you keep trying.  You keep trying even when you discover that your boyfriend got somebody else pregnant.  You keep trying when the person you’ve been dating for the past 3 weeks suddenly stops calling you.  You keep trying even when you find out that the person you just slept with is actually married.  You just keep trying.


I’m not saying that you should keep trying with people that treat you badly like with that boyfriend who got somebody else pregnant or with the person who stopped calling you.  I’m not saying you should keep trying with those people but you should keep trying when it comes to dating.  Be persistent.  That is the first P of dating.


The 2nd P of dating is patience.  That means that you should give yourself time.  Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself.  For example, don’t say ‘I’m going to get married this year’ if you don’t even have a boyfriend.  A goal that you can try to work with is ‘I’m going to get engaged by the end of this year’.  That one is more doable, more feasible and doesn’t put as much pressure on you.  Be patient with yourself.  Just believe that everything will happen at the right time and it will.  That is the second P of dating.


The 3rd P of dating is positivity.  You need to stay upbeat and believe me, I know that it is not easy to stay upbeat when you’re a single woman in your 30s and you’re dating.  I know that it can be very difficult.  When you’re a single woman in your 30s and you’re dating, you’ll come across so many different situations.  Some of those situations will make you cry.  Some of those situations will make you want to lose all faith in humanity but don’t give up!  Give yourself time.  Take a break.  Nurse your wounds but don’t give up.  Stay positive.  Stay upbeat.


It’s easy to say all men are useless and that you just have to marry the one that is least useless. I know that many women think like that.  But what I’ve found with life is that more often than not, you get what you expect so if you’re expecting that you’re going to marry a man who is useless, you’ll find out that that is exactly what you’re going to get.  So try to stay upbeat.  If you’re a good woman, looking for a good man, know in your heart that you’re going to find him because you do deserve him.  Believe in your heart that you’re going to find him and you will.


Those are the 3 P’s of dating.  They will help you – particularly if you’re a single woman over 30.  I hope you enjoyed this post.  If you did, please share it with your friends and also subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking here.


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