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Loving and Living As An Introvert Woman (e-book)

If you’re an introvert woman who has been looking for ways to find balance and happiness in today’s extrovert world, then this book is for you!  This little e-book is packed with tips that will transform your life as an introvert woman.  It will take you from a woman who avoids group outings and even dates, who is unsure how to take compliments or initiate friendship with people you admire to a confident woman who feels comfortable while out with people and who is admired by men and women.  This book holds the secrets to handle love and relationships as a single introvert woman and is one you should read today!

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How to Enjoy your First Year of Marriage (e-book)

Are you a newly-wed? About to get married?  Or just eager to know what it’s REALLY like when you first get married?  Then this short e-book is for you.  How to Enjoy your First Year of Marriage is packed with advice and tips on how to make your first year of marriage memorable (in a good way).  This e-book written in a modern, down-to-earth tone is perfect as a quick read for you and also works as an ideal present to anyone about to get married.

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7 Steps to Meeting the One (e-book)

Being single is fun.  The freedom, the spontaneity, the adventure – being single has a lot going for it but if you’re tired of single-ness and are looking for a romantic partner to make your fantastic life even more so then you’ve come to the right place.  7 Steps to Meeting the One is a step-by-step guide to navigating your way towards meeting the right person for you.  There’s no waffling in this book.  It gives you steps that you can start practicing today so that you’ll be closer to meeting your ideal partner than you’ve ever been before.  If you’re ready to meet the person you will love and who will love you back then 7 Steps to Meeting the One is the book for you.

Price:  N5,000.00

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How to be a single woman in your 30s in Lagos (e-book)

Living in Lagos is tough.  Living in Lagos as a single woman in her 30s is tougher.  Your father constantly introduces you to suitable men.  Your mother is unimpressed by your attempt to get yet another degree.  Your married friends make plans with you then cancel at the last minute.  You keep getting marketing emails referring to you as ‘Mrs’.  You stick out everywhere (and not just because you’ve gained weight).  And everything seems to remind you that you’re not married.  With all this, life in Lagos can seem impossible.  This book aims to change that and with wit and lightness shows how to build a life that makes you happy in spite of it all.

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Happiness Handbook for the Single Lady

This book is so on point.  It spoke to me right away.  Keep up the good work!

-Renee Olivia

7 Steps to Meeting the One

How to be a single woman in your 30s in Lagos.

Short, precise and very smart.  Really worth my time and money.

–Seyi Ogunjobi OluOla

It’s a good write-up.  Being single is not a curse though the Nigerian society tends to discriminate directly or indirectly making it seem like being married is the ultimate.  Well done.

–Justina Emanuel

The honesty of the book makes it applicable to both men and women, great work!

–Eniola Somorin

Refreshing and witty.  Well done.

–Amaka Onyeabo

Definitely a must read for every single girl in her late 20s or 30s in Lagos, Nigeria, UK, USA, everywhere.  I like how Lape opens up and lets us see her in this book.  It comes from her experiences and it clicks.  The only thing I wish is that it wasn’t so bloody short.  I am married but yet I wanted to read more.  I wanted the book to go on.

–Yetunde Ajayi

Nice, short, simple and straight to the point.  Loved the flowing style of your book. Well done.

 -Tolu Haastrup

Download a free copy of Happiness Handbook for the Single Lady here.