How to get over your ex

how to get over your ex

Break-ups can be difficult, especially if you’re the one who was dumped.  Nobody really likes change and when that change comes in the form of a relationship ending, most people are devastated.  Today, I’m going to be talking about how to move on and rebuild your life after someone breaks up with you.  Today, I’m going to be talking about how to get over your ex.

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In order to get over your ex, I have 3 steps for you and the 1st step is to mourn the end of the relationship.  Accept the situation.  Accept that that relationship, no matter how important to you, has ended.  Don’t start calling him and begging him and trying to get back with him.  Accept what is.  That is the way you’re going to rebuild your life.  So, mourn.  You’re allowed to cry for as long as you want.  You’re a human being.  You’re not superwoman.  Cry for as long as you want and mourn the end of your relationship.  It’s fine.


The 2nd step in how to get over your ex is to cut him off completely.  They say a sharp knife cuts clean and it’s true.  The best thing to do is to remove yourself from all contact points with that guy.  There’s no point in trying to remain friends with your ex because it hardly ever works.  Really, it doesn’t work.  When you remain friends with your ex, you’ll still have feelings for him.  And then you’ll be forced to hide those feelings and you’ll be feeling sad inside.  Cut him off completely.  In this day and age, that means not only do you have to delete his phone number from your phone, you also have to block him from social media, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, things like that.  Just block him completely.  Make it so that you have zero contact with him.  If he calls you from a strange phone number for example, note that number after you pick it up, get off the phone and never pick up a call from that number again.  You really have to cut him off completely if you want to get over him.  It’s an important step.


The 3rd and final step in getting over your ex is to be patient with yourself.  Don’t immediately jump into another relationship.  Accept the situation and just take things easy.  Try to rebuild your life.  For example, think about the relationship that just ended.  Were there things you wanted to do but couldn’t do because you were in that relationship?  Now is the time to do those things.  Are there things you wanted to learn or things you wanted to do but you couldn’t do them because of your ex?  Now is the time to do those things.  Try rebuilding your life and be patient.  No matter how much someone else begs you, don’t jump into another relationship quickly.


Those are my 3 steps for you if you want to get over your ex.  I hope this video has been really useful for you.  I want you to know that as a relationship coach, I can help you if you want to get over your ex, if you want to rebuild your confidence or if you want to build a life that you love again.  I can help you with my Whatsapp coaching.  To get more information on my Whatsapp coaching, click here.


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