The trip I will always remember

ganvie benin republic

Ganvie, the village on the water.  One of the places that fascinated me on this memorable trip.

There are some experiences that stay with you.  For me, one of those was my first trip out of Lagos without my parents.  It happened when I was about 15 and in secondary school.  The school organised a trip to Cotonou for senior students studying French as part of the curriculum.  I was beyond excited to go on the trip – partly because I would finally get to use the French I had been learning and partly because I was a protected child so I saw this excursion with only one supervising adult as quite the adventure.

We went to Cotonou by bus.  I remember Continue reading

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Nail Art: Heavy Metal Nails

nail art 62

I did these nails quite a long time ago but they are still one of my favourites.  They weren’t very practical of course but I loved the studs and I always think black looks good.  I call these my rock star nails because that’s how I felt when I had them on.  I just love how edgy they look.

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What I wish I had known about the work world before I left university

what I wish I had known about work before I left university

I’ve been in the working world for over a decade now (I can hardly believe it!) and while it’s been pretty good, there are some things I wish someone had told me or that I had known when I first started building a career.  Here are a few of those things.  I hope they help you.

Before I left university and started out in the working world, I wish I had known: Continue reading

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When does a vacation end?

travel quote march 2015


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Nail Art: True Colours

nail art 61

I’d wanted to use nail vinyls for ages.  I finally got my hands on chevron-shaped ones and this nail design was the result.  Introducing the red nail polish added a bit of zing to the whole look and I like the simple yet unique look of this nail art.

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Things to do in Lagos: Balogun Market

market lagos nigeria

When I was little, my mother would take me to Balogun market to buy me a ‘Christmas dress’, ‘banger’ (I don’t know what non-Nigerians call ‘banger’ :-) ), sparklers and other Christmas-y things.  It was then that I learned to hate Balogun market.  I loved the things my mother bought and I loved the excitement of Christmas in the air but the whole expedition was a nightmare.  The market was always packed with people pushing and shoving.  Although my mother generally held my hand in the market, sometimes our hands would be forced apart by the people rushing about and I would squirm through the throng desperately to catch sight of my mother.  I feared that my mother wouldn’t be able to find me and I would have to stay in the market and live there forever.  Yes, children have active imaginations.

Recently, I needed to buy fabrics and my mother said the best place to get a wide variety at reasonable prices was at Balogun market.  Continue reading

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Nail Art: A Bow to Blue

nail art 60

I love using blues on my nails.  As usual, I can’t remember the blue polish I used here although I think the blue glitter on top is by the brand, Picture Polish.  I added the little gold bow for a touch of girlishness :-)

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‘Round the world ticket (February 2015)

map rtw ticket feb 2015

Intriguing.  29-year old Marilyn Monroe’s New Year resolutions.

I really like seeing non-brochure-like pictures of places I’ve never been to so I loved this post by Erica of her holiday in Kingston, Jamaica.

Why we can’t have world peace and what to do about it.

Little changes you can make to be happier at work.

I love looking at pictures of the Rio de Janeiro carnival.  Here are some from this year’s event.



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How travel brings humility

travel quote feb 2015


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Nail Art: Valentine’s Day Nails (2015 edition)

valentine's day nails 2015

I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day but I think it’s cute to have Valentine’s Day-themed nails.  This is the Valentine’s Day nail art I created last year ; to see what I did the year before that, click here.  This year, I was feeling a bit rushed so I did a simple design for Valentine’s Day – just used two nail colours and heart-shaped nail jewellery.  It was easy – unlike love, eh? ;-)

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