Nail art: Waterfall nail art

nail art in lagos by lape soetan

I did this waterfall nail design following a tutorial I saw on this blog.  I thought it would be difficult to create but it really wasn’t.  It took a while to do but wasn’t difficult.  This is one of my favourite nail art designs.

In Lagos and want nail art done?  Let me know.  To get nail art done on natural or artificial nails, send me an email to lape(at)lapesoetan(dot)com

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The best thing about holidays

travel holiday quote august 2014


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Nail art: Need for speed

nail art need for speed

I did this nail art with Speed Racer in mind.  The stripes made me think of race cars.  When I was done though, the stripes against the yellow nail polish made me think of Lagos taxis.  I did the lines free-hand and liked how straight they came out.

In Lagos and want nail art done?  Let me know.  To get nail art done on natural or artificial nails, send me an email to lape(at)lapesoetan(dot)com

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The food of Barcelona

I love trying new food so when I was in Barcelona recently, I was excited to try the cuisine. 

barcelona food

This was an appetiser I had in Barcelona.  It was Continue reading

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‘Round the world ticket (August 2014)

round the world map

Here are links to some great stuff for you to read and watch on the internet.

10 life lessons from a Navy SEAL.

What is the typical entrepreneur like?  These 10 facts about entrepreneurs may surprise you.

Barbie has apparently had over 150 careers (whew!) :-)  Check them out here.

A day in the life of a CIA officer.

Everyone has annoying ‘friends’ on Facebook who put up the most irritating statuses.  This amusing article highlights a few of them.



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Hotel Review: Four Points by Sheraton, Barcelona

four points barcelona bedroom

The bedroom at Four Points by Sheraton, Barcelona

Four Points by Sheraton, Barcelona is part of the famous chain of hotels and I liked the hotel before I got there.  I had a ton of questions about the hotel before I arrived (like how to get to it from the airport and so on) so I emailed them before I left for Barcelona and was pleasantly surprised with their prompt and helpful response.

My room at Four Points Barcelona was Continue reading

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Travel pictures: Barcelona

Here are some pictures I took in Barcelona

sagrada familia

This is Sagrada Familia, a church in Barcelona.  Work began on it in 1882.  The famous architect, Antoni Gaudi took over work on the church in 1883 and continued until he died in 1926.  It is estimated that construction of the church will be completed in Continue reading

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Picture of the month: Mar Bella Beach, Barcelona

mar bella beach barcelona spain

I love beaches and this, Mar Bella Beach in Barcelona, is one of the nicest I have ever seen.  The water is clear and cool and the waves exciting but not too high.  I have tried to capture the beauty of Mar Bella Beach in this photograph.  I hope it makes you think of going there.


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Living in Lagos (July 2014)

This is a picture-led post on what living in Lagos is like for me.

lekki link bridge lagos nigeria

This picture is of Lekki Link Bridge at night.  It’s a fairly new bridge (having been commissioned in May 2013).  The bridge is just over 1km long and is nice-looking offering pretty views of Ikoyi and Lekki. Continue reading

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10 years after graduation: Here’s what I’ve learned

10 years after graduation

Unlike many people say, I don’t feel like my graduation was ‘just yesterday’ or that the ‘time has flown by’.  It truly feels like 10 years have gone by.  Although it’s been ages since my graduation from university, I still remember how I felt when school was over, how I got my first job and many other significant and not-so-significant things that have happened to me work-wise in that time.  In this article, I’m going to share 10 things that have helped me get through the last 10 years in the workplace with relatively little drama and a little bit of success.  Here are those 10 things in no particular order: Continue reading

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