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What makes a man commit

Women interested in long-term relationships or marriage often wonder what makes a man commit.  Sometimes they feel like they’ve tried everything – from making amala to trying the latest sex act to buying his mother gifts – still, the man isn’t showing dedication to the relationship.  So what can they do?  That’s why I’m here. …

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How to handle baiting

As time goes by, more and more dating terms seem to come out.  Is it a sign of how warped the world is becoming?  Not really.  A lot of these dating terms describe behaviour that has been around for years, hundreds of years even – it’s just that now, those behaviours are being given specific…

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How to fix a broken relationship

If you’re in a relationship that has fallen apart and you don’t know what to do, I’m here for you; because today, I’ll be talking about how to fix a broken relationship.   Watch the video here or by clicking on the image below. Get information on how to book a coaching session with me…

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