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How to handle gaslighting in relationships

Every relationship has problems.  One of the most common yet least-spoken about problems in relationships is gaslighting and that’s what today’s video is all about.  Today, I’m going to be talking about how to handle gaslighting in relationships. To watch the video, click on the image below.   Prefer to read rather that watch the…

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What to do when he pulls away

To attract the right man for you, you have to understand men as a whole and that can be very difficult because men and women are different, really very different.  Which is why it is difficult for one sex to understand the other and that’s why I’m here today.  I’m going to be trying to…

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Why guys treat you like an option

Have you ever asked somebody to buy you food and said something like, “Please help me buy jollof rice.  If they don’t have jollof rice, buy me beans but it’s jollof rice I really want”?  If you’ve ever said anything like that, then you’re treating beans like an option.  It’s not really your first choice. …

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