Picture of the Month: Seoul


The first time I really paid attention to Seoul was when Psy’s song, Gangnam Style, came out some years ago.  I found the video funny and was fascinated by the popularity of the song so I did a little research and found out that Gangnam is a district in Seoul, the capital of South Korea.  Like many cities in Asia, Seoul seems super-modern, a city obsessed with technology and high fashion while also maintaining serenity with its temples and parks.  I love cities that show you what life in the fast lane is like and also show you how to calm down.  I would love to holiday in Seoul someday.


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Nail Art: Mermaid

nail art 71 lapesoetan.com boldnails.com

I love it when my nails are this length and well-filed.  Sadly, they’re never that way for long.  Just as I’m admiring them at that stage, they break and I have to start all over again.  Anyway, back to the nail art.  As usual, I did this nail design a long time ago, before I started noting down the name of the nail polish I used.  I think it was a local, no-name brand.  I like the purple though.  I called this nail design ‘Mermaid’ because of the pearl-like decoration I placed on the accent figure.  I had been searching for those pearls for ages so when I finally found them, I was in ecstasy and this nail art was the result.

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How to be a single woman in your 30s in Lagos (e-book)

how to be a single woman in your 30s in lagos

I got married at the ripe old age of 34.  As we all know, 34 is beyond what is considered the normal age a woman should be married in Nigeria.  What exactly that normal age is of course is not known but that’s a topic for another day.

I have written for years and have always wanted to write a book.  In the past, I felt I wasn’t ready but recently, something kept telling me the time was right.  So I asked a few friends what my book should be about.  Almost all of them told me to write about living happily as a single woman over 30 in Lagos.  Apparently, that was how they saw me.  I was surprised because I had never thought of myself that way.  I felt I was just a single woman in her 30s trying to find happiness.  It turns out though that trying to find happiness is enough to be happy so maybe they were right.

Seeing as I am considered something of an expert on being single, over 30 and happy, I decided to write a book about it.  Said book is Continue reading

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The other way to live

travel quote july 2015


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Nail Art: Blue Shield

nail art 70 lapesoetan.com boldnails.com

This kind of nail jewellery is called different things by different people but the name I like most is ‘nail shield’.  This nail art look is very easy to create.  Just paint the nails and adhere the shield to the desired nail with nail glue and you’re done.  Will you be trying nail shields anytime soon?

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‘Round the World Ticket (July 2015)

world map july 2015 rtw ticket

9 things that happen when you travel solo.

Interesting.  This article shows that a simple formula proves that both men AND women have been lying about the number of sex partners they’ve had.

I really like Angelina Jolie and love her relationship with Brad Pitt.  This article on how couples can work well together just makes me respect their relationship even more.

Thoughts on Dave Goldberg, Sheryl Sandberg’s husband and ‘leaning in’.

8 ways to turn a horrible day into a positive day.



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Nail Art: Print Party

nail art 69 lapesoetan.com boldnails.com

I love this nail art look.  I’d been seeing ikat nail designs online for a while but they looked so complicated, I was too scared to try it.  Finally, one day, I saw a tutorial on ikat nail designs online (unfortunately, I can’t remember what blog I saw it on) and decided to try it.  Ikat nail designs are not complicated to do but they are time-consuming.  I think the result is worth the effort though!

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How to get a blogger’s attention (in a good way)

blogger writer abuja

Recently, I received yet another email that reminded me why I need to write a post on how to talk to bloggers.  First, let me tell you what NOT to do, heavily influenced by the silly email I received the other day.  The subject of the email said ‘For immediate release!’ almost guaranteeing I would do no such thing.  Secondly, the email started ‘Hello Media Friends’.  If you can’t be bothered to use my name which is beyond easy to find on my blog, then I’m not going to bother much with your email.  Next, it turned out the email was on a subject not at all in line with any of the topics I blog about.  Then the email asked me to publish the press release attached to the email on my platform.  Why I would do such a thing was a mystery to me and possibly to the writer of the email too because Continue reading

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Picture of the Month: Venice


I’ve been fascinated with Venice for as long as I can remember.  I think it’s the idea of a whole city (brick and mortar houses and everything) on water.  I was a bit sad when I read Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love and she didn’t seem to like Venice.  That experience made my love for the city waver a bit but then I watched Angelina Jolie’s The Tourist and the adoration came back in full force.  I really, really want to visit Venice and I hope it happens sometime soon.


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Nail Art: Neon star

nail art 68 lapesoetan.com boldnails.com

This nail polish is called Sunset and is by Picture Polish.  I loved it in the bottle but it’s a little sheer on the nails and I like my polish opaque.  Next time I try it, I’ll apply it over a coat of white nail polish.  That might help.  Other than that, I put little bits of neon nail jewellery on top of the polish to carry on the neon theme.  Easy peasy!

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