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3 tips for the newly-married woman

Many years ago, a friend of mine was getting married and asked me to do her makeup.  (Fun fact:  doing makeup used to be a side-hustle of mine).  Anyway, on the morning of my friend’s wedding, right before I started doing her makeup, I noticed that different women would come and ask to speak to…

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How to be happy while single

When you’re a woman over 30 and single, it can be hard to stay happy.  The funny thing is that society seems to support the idea that if you’re a single woman over 30, you should be miserable.  I remember a single lady in her 30s that I met a while ago.  She was vibrant,…

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5 signs a guy likes you

When a guy likes you, he often shows many signs that he does but because men and women are so different, what he thinks are clear signs he’s interested in you may appear quite fuzzy to you.  I remember towards the end of my time in secondary school, one of my favourite ways to torture…

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How to handle infidelity (Part 1)

We have to accept that in relationships today, women cheat almost as men.  There are no statistics we can refer to here but I believe infidelity is on the rise.  Both men and women cheat.  I suspect men still cheat more often that women but I don’t have evidence of that of course.  While I…

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5 relationship mistakes single women make

You know the great thing about mistakes?  Everyone makes them!  And when it comes to relationships, the mistakes we make are even more interesting/ amusing/ disastrous than those made in other spheres of life.  Another thing about mistakes is that people generally make the same ones, over and over again.  It’s like a crazy cycle….

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