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Why she left you

No-one likes being dumped.  Even the strongest of men aren’t thrilled when a woman they love decides to move on.  It can be a very difficult thing to handle which is why I made this post on why she left you.  Watch the video here or by clicking on the image below. Check out my…

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How to handle love bombing

Today, I’m back with another phenomenon often experienced in dating or relationships and that phenomenon is called love bombing.  If you’ve never heard of love bombing before, it may sound like a fun thing you would want to experience but it isn’t.  Today, I’m going to be talking about love bombing, what it is and…

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What makes a man attractive

I have noticed that more and more men pay me for relationship coaching so in return, I’ve decided to make more content for men.  In the light of that, today’s video is for the guys.  I’ve seen that many men seem unsure about what women consider attractive in a man.  To find out the top 3 things…

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