Nail Art: Into the Blue

nail art 64

I just love this blue nail polish.  It’s Baker Street by Nails Inc.  The polish is part of their Gel Effect line so it has the added benefit of lasting longer on the nails than regular nail polish.  I made the index finger nail silver to break up the blue and the little bow which I love here adds a sweet, girly touch.  On the whole, this is an easy to create yet cute nail art look.

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The correct length of a holiday

travel quote may 2015


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Travel pictures: Hawaii (Part 1)

I spent a few days in Hawaii and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Hawaii is made up of 8 islands and I went to two of them – Oahu and (confusingly) Hawaii.  Hawaii is the biggest of the Hawaiian islands and is also called The Big Island or The Volcano Island and Oahu is the island with Honolulu, Hawaii’s capital.  Here are a few pictures from the trip.  I split the pictures into two posts so you don’t get photo overload :-)

1 waiminalo beach park

Before going to Hawaii, whenever I thought about the place, this was the sort of scene I imagined so I was excited about being able to capture it on camera.  This is Continue reading

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Hotel Review: Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort & Spa grand hyatt hawaii

Bedroom in Hyatt Regency, Waikiki

If you want to be right in the middle of all the excitement Honolulu, Hawaii has to offer then Waikiki is the place for you.  And if you want the un-ashamedly tourist-y yet fun experience, you simply must stay within walking distance of world-famous Waikiki Beach.  As Waikiki is so popular, there are loads of hotels in the area to choose from so picking one can be quite confusing.  After much research and following an enjoyable stay at the Hyatt Regency, Dubai , I decided on the Hyatt Regency, Waikiki.

The Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort and Spa is Continue reading

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‘Round the world ticket (May 2015)

map for may 2015

Strange questions people have asked travel agents.  Some of these show a disturbing lack of knowledge about geography.

Which Caribbean island is best for you? (with pictures to help you decide :-) )

Here’s something you don’t read often: an entrepreneur on why he quit his own business to work for someone else.

For those searching:  What if I discover I’m horrible at what I want to do?

What Richard Branson and other successful entrepreneurs wish they had known at 22.



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Nail Art: Belly Dancer

nail art 63

Although it wasn’t my intention when I started doing this nail art, when I finished, the first image that came to my mind was that of a belly dancer.  I once saw a belly dancer perform in Dubai and I have to say good belly dancers are amazingly skilled.  But I digress.  This nail art was easy to do but you would never guess how time-consuming placing the gold discs on the nail is.  You have to really want to achieve the belly dancer nail look to do this one.

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The trip I will always remember

ganvie benin republic

Ganvie, the village on the water.  One of the places that fascinated me on this memorable trip.

There are some experiences that stay with you.  For me, one of those was my first trip out of Lagos without my parents.  It happened when I was about 15 and in secondary school.  The school organised a trip to Cotonou for senior students studying French as part of the curriculum.  I was beyond excited to go on the trip – partly because I would finally get to use the French I had been learning and partly because I was a protected child so I saw this excursion with only one supervising adult as quite the adventure.

We went to Cotonou by bus.  I remember Continue reading

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Nail Art: Heavy Metal Nails

nail art 62

I did these nails quite a long time ago but they are still one of my favourites.  They weren’t very practical of course but I loved the studs and I always think black looks good.  I call these my rock star nails because that’s how I felt when I had them on.  I just love how edgy they look.

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What I wish I had known about the work world before I left university

what I wish I had known about work before I left university

I’ve been in the working world for over a decade now (I can hardly believe it!) and while it’s been pretty good, there are some things I wish someone had told me or that I had known when I first started building a career.  Here are a few of those things.  I hope they help you.

Before I left university and started out in the working world, I wish I had known: Continue reading

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When does a vacation end?

travel quote march 2015


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