How to be more attractive now

how to be more attractive now

I get questions from women from time to time and they ask me how they can be more attractive to men.  In this video, I answer that question.  In this video, I’m going to be talking about how you as a single woman over 30 can be more attractive to men right now.  So if you’re interested in that, stay tuned for this video.

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I have 3 tips for you on how you can be more attractive to men.  My 1st tip to be more attractive to men is to be more interested in other people.  I’m not saying be more nosy or be all in people’s business.  What I’m saying is just show people that you care about them.  For example, instead of saying “How was your night?”, actually take the time to ask proper questions that will make them talk to you.


Ask them how their trip home was the night before, ask them what they did over the weekend, ask them what they like about their jobs or how they got their jobs.  Whatever it is, ask detailed questions.  In fact, what you should do is use open-ended questions.  I talk about open-ended questions in my other video that’s called 3 best questions to ask on a first date.  You can watch that video by clicking here.   The more interest you show in other people, the more attractive you’ll appear to them.  So that is my first tip for you.


My 2nd tip on how to be more attractive is to smile more.  People under-estimate how much more attractive they look when they smile.  It’s just human nature that people like people who smile.  I mean, even think about yourself.  Imagine when you see two toddlers.  One is smiling and the other one is frowning.  Which one are you more likely to gravitate towards?  It’s the one that is smiling that you’re more likely to go towards.  It is just human nature.  So remember to smile.


When you smile, it makes people think that you’re happy and people like being around other happy people.  If you smile, you’re going to attract people to you, more people are going to want to be around you and you’re going to seem more attractive so remember to smile more often.


My 3rd and final tip on how to be more attractive is to dress for your body-type.  For example, if you’re busty, go for V-necks.  Don’t wear things that are so high-necked or things that have a lot of flourishes all over the chest.  And if you’re slim, wear things that are more slim-cut not voluminous things.  That’s just a little basic rule on how to look better in clothes. So do more research about it and dress better for your body type.


The thing about dressing better no matter how much you have, and by the way, you can dress better on a low budget, is that when you dress better, you actually look good and when you look good, you feel better, you feel more confident.  And you know what happens when you feel more confident, you attract more people.  You’re more attractive when you’re more confident.  So my third and final tip for you is to dress well for your body-type.


Those are my 3 –tips for you on how to be more attractive to men right now.  I hope you found this post/ video useful.  If you did, please subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking here  and also, please share this post with your friends.


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