How to stop settling


how to stop settling when it comes to guys

I’m sure you know more than one woman who just settled for the guy she’s with.  Settling is such a common and sad phenomenon that I decided to create a blog post about it.  But first of all, what IS settling?  Settling to me is when a woman dates a guy that she feels she shouldn’t be dating or she feels is not the right person for her but she dates him anyway.

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Settling isn’t just about dating somebody who is more broke than you.  Sometimes, women date guys who are really rich but they still are settling and that’s because they feel the guy is not treating them well.  If, for example, he’s always cheating or he beats them, the woman might know that she deserves better but somehow, she still settles for that guy so settling doesn’t always mean the guy is broke.


A lot of women settle because they feel they have no choice.  They feel like they’re too fat or too thin or too old or too whatever it is to find the right relationship or the right guy for themselves so they settle.  They feel like they have no choice.  Bu the truth in life is that you always have a choice.  No matter what you do in this life, it is your decision.  So if you stay in a relationship with somebody that you feel is not right for you, it is a decision you have taken and it is a choice you have made.  Remember that you always have a choice.


Now, how do you stop settling?  At the bottom of it, the thing is that women settle because they are afraid.  The real reason for settling is fear and to address fear, I always use Susan Jeffers’ advice and that is to feel the fear and do it anyway.  So, what happens if you don’t date that guy?  Or if you don’t marry the person who you know you’d be settling for if you marry him?  You won’t die, you won’t fall ill, in fact, you could have a pretty good life.


And that pretty good life is what you should focus on.  Look for the things that make you happy and do them consistently.  Try to do them every day if possible.   Write down a list that describes your ideal guy and read it to yourself every day so that you’ll recognise him when he comes into your life.


You’re not ‘too anything’ to get the relationship of your dreams.  By the way, I have a video called How to Get the Relationship of your Dreams and if you want to watch it, I’ll put the link to it in the description box below.  I really suggest that you go and check that out.


So, if you believe that you’re a good person or if you know in your heart that you’re a good person, then you deserve all the love and the right kind of love that you want.  You’re not too anything to get the right relationship.  There’s nobody that is too good for you.  You can get the right kind of relationship and the right man.  Remember that you always have a choice.  Don’t settle.  Choose better.  Stop settling.


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