What to do if you’re scared you’ll be alone forever

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Feeling like they’ll be alone forever is a very big fear for many women, especially those who are single and over 30.  One by one they’ve seen all their friends get married and they now feel like they are going to be alone forever. They feel like they’re the only ones left.  It’s a very real fear for some women so that’s why I made this video.

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If you’re in the position where you’re afraid that you’ll be alone forever, the first thing I’ll say to you is to that you should take Susan Jeffers’ advice to feel the fear and do it anyway.  That’s a great book by the way.  If you haven’t read Susan Jeffers’ book, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, please go and read it. Look for it online, buy it and read it.  You’ll love it!


So, to get back to our topic, you need to face the fear and do it anyway if you’re a single woman over 30.  So, you need to ask yourself, “What’s the worst thing that could happen if you remain single forever?”  You won’t fall ill, your skin won’t change its colour and you won’t die.  So really, what would happen if you were alone forever? Nothing! You would be yourself, you would be your normal self.  It’s a possibility, but it’s not a bad thing.


Now, the next thing to do is to imagine that someone told you that you’ll never get married.  Just imagine that you know for sure that you’ll never get married.  What would you do with your life?  Would you travel?  Would you learn to sew?  Would you adopt a child?  Would you start your own business?


Write a list of those things that you would do if you knew for sure that you are not going to get married.  After you write that list, start doing those things.  You know what will happen when you start doing those things, you’ll be creating a life that you love and you know what happens next?  You’ll be happier.  When you’re happier, what happens is that you’ll attract the right man for you into your life.  In the end you won’t be alone anymore, your fear would have been unfounded.  So please do try that.


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