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How to make him miss you

Sometimes a guy breaks up with you and you want to make him know what he’s missing.  You want to make him miss you.  If that’s what you want, then sit tight because today, I’m going to be talking about how to make him miss you. To watch the video, click on the image below….

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When he leaves you for his ex

This love thing can be a risky business.  You give your heart and soul to somebody and sometimes, it doesn’t work out.  Sometimes, the other person leaves.  You know when it can be most painful?  When that other person leaves you for their ex.  There are women who have had to endure this over and…

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Signs he’s not into you

Men and women are so different, it’s no wonder that we often misunderstand the signs and signals that the opposite sex gives us.  For example, a woman might stop taking a man’s calls because she has no interest in him but the man might think that she’s playing hard-to-get and start stopping by her office…

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Why men always come back

From what I hear from women and from personal experience, it seems that when relationships end, the men always come back to the women they had that relationship with.  In some cases, the man comes back to the relationship and keeps going – he does this for as long as he possibly can, whether he…

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Why he won’t commit

I’m a relationship coach for single women over the age of 30 so I often come into contact with issues that women have while they’re single, dating or in relationships.  Naturally, a lot of the same issues come up again and again.  One of the ones that comes up most often is when a woman…

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