How to be lucky in love

how to be lucky in love

I know a lot of women think that they are unlucky in love because they’ve had a lot of rubbish boyfriends in the past and I want to help women like that turn that idea around.  That’s why I made this video.

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If you’ve had a lot of bad boyfriends in the past, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve been unlucky in love.  Let me tell you why.  What you need to do is go through the boyfriends you’ve had in your mind and think about all of them.  Have they really all been bad?  Or is it that you’ve had a few bad boyfriends and those ones have made you forget the good boyfriends you’ve had.  For many women, it’s that way and they think that they’ve had bad boyfriends all through and they’ve been unlucky in love when in actual fact, that’s not the case.


What you need to do now is to go through your ex-boyfriends in your mind and think about the traits they had that you didn’t like.  Turn those traits into positive traits and decide that from now on, you will only date guys with those positive traits.  Let me give you an example.  Let’s say the guys in your past always cheated.  What you need to do is take the decision that you will only date loyal, faithful guys.


Now, taking a decision might seem like something small but it’s actually a big step because what happens is that you are better able to spot the trait in guys that make you know that they are going to be unfaithful.  I mean, you can’t always read it in someone’s face but sometimes, there are signs.  There are things that a guy would do that would make you know that this one is a serial cheat.  So, what you need to do is take stock and take the decision that you will only date faithful or loyal guys from now on.


Also, you need to know that a lot of these things are in the mind.  The fact that you’ve had bad boyfriends in the past doesn’t mean that you’re unlucky in love.  In a way, you ARE lucky in love because you now know what you do want in a boyfriend.  You know what you want in a partner.  So those bad people in the past have made you realise what good can be in a man and have made you realise what you want in an ideal partner and in a way, that makes you lucky in love.


So, to be lucky in love, what you need to do is to take stock of your past boyfriends, take the decision that you will only date guys with the positive traits you want and follow through with that decision.


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