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From what I hear from women and from personal experience, it seems that when relationships end, the men always come back to the women they had that relationship with.  In some cases, the man comes back to the relationship and keeps going – he does this for as long as he possibly can, whether he ended the relationship or not.


In the cases that really hurt, a man will leave a woman and then she will start to rebuild her life.  When she’s happy again, it’s as if the man sort of senses it and then he comes back into her life, messes her up and then leaves again.  This coming and going that men can do can really hurt and they can do it for years.


Because it can feel so traumatic, I decided to make this video.  In today’s video, I’m going to be talking about why men always come back, what it means and what you can do about it.

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Prefer to read rather that watch the video?  Here’s what’s in it: 

Men come back to women they’ve been in relationships with for several reasons.  In today’s video, I’m going to mention 3 of those reasons.  The 1st reason why a man will come back to a woman that he has been in a relationship with before is because it’s an ego boost for him.


It makes him feel good that there’s a woman out there who apparently likes him and will always take him back no matter how long he has been away and no matter what it is that he has done.  It makes him feel good.  Basically, he always comes back to this woman because he can and the only reason why he keeps doing it is because she keeps taking him back.


The 2nd reason why men always come back to a particular woman is because it’s always easier to get sex from somebody that you’ve slept with before and we all know how important sex is to men.  So, if he can get sex from a particular woman without too much trouble, he’s always going to keep coming back to her.


The fact that he keeps coming back to a particular woman doesn’t mean that he’s in love with her.  Unfortunately, many women interpret it that way.  He is simply coming back to this woman because he can get the sex from her.  His coming back time and time again is not a sign that he’s in love with her.  It’s just a sign that he has found a convenient place to get sex that he couldn’t get from someone else.


If you’re a woman who is fine with that situation, then cool.  If you’re not fine with the situation and you want to marry this man, know that this is not the way to get what you want.  If sex is all he ever offers you, that is all you’re ever going to get from him.


The 3rd reason why a man keeps coming back to a woman is because he genuinely likes her.  There’s something about her, about you, that he can’t find with any other woman and that’s why he keeps coming back.  When you think about it, it makes sense because, of course, there’s nobody like you in this world.  You are completely unique and that thing about you that he loves is why he has come back to you now.


There’s a little difference between this situation and the first two situations I mentioned though.  In this situation, he doesn’t just keep coming back and leaving your life.  He comes back, lets you know that he genuinely wants to be in a relationship with you and stays in that relationship with you.  He’s not going back and forth.


If you feel that you’re in this situation and that the man is back because he genuinely wants to be with you, then you might actually consider taking him back.  It might be a good reason.  It might be a good decision for you.  A big sign NOT to take a guy back is if he keeps coming and going out of your life – especially if he comes back when he senses that you’re over him and that you’re finally happy again.  That is a sure sign that you should not take that guy back.


Ladies, please remember that the fact that a guy keeps coming back does not mean you should keep taking him back.  It’s not a sign that he loves you.  It’s a sign that he’s using you.  Stay smart.  Take decisions with your head, not just your heart.


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