Signs he’s not into you

Signs he's not into you

Men and women are so different, it’s no wonder that we often misunderstand the signs and signals that the opposite sex gives us.  For example, a woman might stop taking a man’s calls because she has no interest in him but the man might think that she’s playing hard-to-get and start stopping by her office in addition to calling her ceaselessly.


Sometimes, a man shows that he is not interested in a woman but the woman misreads his signals and keeps thinking that she still has a boyfriend when in actual fact, the opposite is the truth.  To help decipher all these signals and signs, I decided to talk on this topic today.  Today, I’m going to be talking about the sure signs that he’s not into you.

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The 1st sign that he’s not into you is that he won’t spend any money on you.  This has nothing to do with how rich or poor a guy is.  Even if a guy earns only a little money, if he likes a girl or if he loves a woman, he is going to spend that money on her.


Spending money on a woman is the easiest and commonest way a man shows that he likes a woman.  The way he actually spends the money can vary from things like paying for a class for her, buying her food or actually giving her cash.  The way he actually spends the money on her doesn’t matter but what you should take out from this video is that if he’s not spending any money on you, he’s not into you.


The 2nd sign that he’s not into you is that he won’t call or text when he says that he will.  If you have ever found yourself constantly checking your phone or even asking your friend to call you to make sure that your phone is okay (we have all been there, we have all done that), know that that guy is not into you.


If a guy is really into you, he will contact you regularly and not in a creepy or stalker-ish kind of way.  He will contact you regularly because he wants to know how you are and find out how you’re doing.  He will be in touch with you because it makes him feel good to do so.  If you have to beg a man to call you or you put money on his phone to encourage him to call you or text you, he is not into you.


The 3rd sign that he is not into you is that he will cheat.  In today’s world where being faithful is as rare as real gold, if a man is exclusive to a woman or if a man is faithful to a woman, it is a sure sign that he is into her.


These days, when you start dating a guy, he is probably seeing other women.  He is probably having sex with other women when you guys first meet but when a guy starts getting into you, he will stop sleeping with other women.  If he is really in love with you, it is something that you won’t even have to ask for.  He will do it of his own volition.  He will do it because he wants to.


If a guy is dating other people while dating you, no matter how he markets it to you, he is not into you.  Don’t believe that story that some guys say that human beings are just higher animals and that animals are not monogamous.  It’s not true.  If a guy is into you, he will be monogamous and he will be faithful to you.


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