How to be more approachable

how to be more approachable

Recently, I’ve been getting asked a particular question a lot and that is:  how do I make myself more approachable to men?  My video this week gives the answer to that question.

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A lot of my clients who happen to be single women over the age of 30 want to know how to position themselves so that they’re more likely to attract men into their lives and be more likely to have men come over and talk to them.  They want to know how to do this.  If you’re in that position, and you want to know how to make yourself more approachable to men then this is the video for you.


Okay, if you want to make yourself more approachable to men, my first tip is that you should go to places alone.  I know that women don’t find this easy but really, it’s something you want to do.  When you’re with a friend or a cousin or whatever and you’re giggling and talking and laughing, you don’t give the impression that you want anybody to come and introduce themselves to you.  Also, it’s a bit more difficult for someone to come and talk to you if you’re with somebody.  Men want to minimise the level of embarrassment that might happen to them and that can only happen if you’re alone.  So if you want to make yourself more approachable, please go out to places alone.  Try doing it at least once a week.  Go somewhere alone.  It’s not that hard.  I know it can feel that way but it’s something that you have to try.


The second tip is that you should check your resting face.  I’m sure you know what a resting face is.  Some people have a bitch resting face.  Like, whenever they’re not thinking about anything, they have this nasty look on their face.  You have to watch it.  If you want to be more approachable, you have to look like you want people to come and talk to you.  Keep a slight smile on your face all the time.  Of course, there are some people who always look nasty and there are some guys who go for those women deliberately but really, there are very few men who will deliberately approach a woman who looks nasty.  Check your bitch resting face.  If it’s a nasty one, change it.  Try to keep a slight smile on your face all the time.  That will help you be more approachable to men.


My third tip is that you should watch your body language.  If you keep your arms folded or crossed or you keep your hands behind you or things like that, you’re telling people in a subtle way that you don’t want anyone to come and talk to you.  You’re telling them that you’re uncomfortable and that you’re not happy wherever it is that you are.  Try keeping your arms at your sides or mirror the action of the person that you’re talking to.  If you want to be approachable to men, don’t keep your arms folded in front of you.


My final tip for if you want to be more approachable is to look right into the eye of the person you’re talking to.  This can be difficult.  I know because I get emails and messages asking me how to look people in the eye.  This is particularly difficult for introverts.  There’s no other way to do it but to look them in the eye.  However, there’s a way you can start on a small scale and that is to start with looking at the forehead or looking at the eyebrows.


So when you’re talking to somebody, try looking at the eyebrows but don’t stare.  Just look in that general area.  As you get more comfortable, lower your gaze so that you’re looking the person in the eye.  Looking the person in the eye tells the person that you are interested in what they’re saying.  If someone is talking to you or someone is looking at you from afar and you look away, that means you’re telling the person that you don’t want them to come and talk to you.


Once again, there are some guys who will see that sign and still come and talk to you.  Those are the stubborn guys.  Don’t think about those ones.  Most people, if they look at you and you look away or your frown, are going to think you don’t want them to come and talk to you so you have to do something about that.  If you want to be more approachable to men, try to remember to look them in the eye.


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