How to keep a man

how to keep a man

Today, the topic I’m going to be talking about is how to keep a man.  Now it may surprise you how many times I’ve gotten this question.  I’ve gotten it so many times that I knew I had to make a video about it.

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So, how to keep a man.  The thing is, I’m sorry that I have to break this to you but there is no particular way you can keep a man.  You cannot keep a man who does not want to be kept.  You cannot force somebody to stay in a relationship with you.  There’s no amount of cooking, there’s no amount of cleaning, there’s no amount of sex you can give somebody that will make them stay in a relationship with you.


I remember I read an interview that Jerry Hall gave many years ago and she said that every single day, at different times, she would go down on her husband, Mick Jagger.  So she would give him a blow job random times.  But the thing is, despite that, he still cheated on her and in fact, he even had children with somebody else.  That pushed her to leave him.  So there’s nothing you can do in this world that can make someone stay with you or stay faithful to you if they don’t want to.  It’s sad but true.


Having said that, there are things you can do that can help the situation.  You can do your best to try to keep your relationship or your man with these 3 tips that I’m about to give.


The 1st tip is that you should be yourself.  Don’t try to be somebody else.  If you try to be somebody else, it is not sustainable.  There’s only a limited amount of time that you can do that for.  Just be who you are and the person that is for you will be attracted to you and is more likely to stay with you that way.


The 2nd step is that you should keep doing the things you used to do that attracted your partner to you in the first place or that made him say that he liked you and wanted to be in a relationship with you.  Keep doing the things that you know make him happy.  So, for example, this is not anything serious, but for example, if you always sent a text to him at 10 am, keep doing that.  If you always cooked for him on Friday nights, please try to do that.  Now, the thing is that you shouldn’t try a habit that you cannot maintain.  If you don’t like cooking for example, there’s no point starting this whole Friday night cooking thing.  But whatever it is that you do that you notice that your man likes, try to keep doing it for as long as possible.  That is one way to keep the person interested in you and to keep him happy.


The 3rd and final tip I have for you if you want to keep your man is to create a life that you love.  Have a life of your own.  Build a life that you love.  Look for things outside of your partner that you like doing.  Look for a hobby or look for a side-hustle.  Something that you can put energy into.  Doing things like that makes you more interesting and makes your partner more likely to stay with you because they find you interesting and they want to know more about you.  You’re a mystery to them.  So you need to create a life that you love outside of your partner.


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