How to enjoy plane rides

Photograph by austinevan

For many people, plane rides are a necessary evil – something to be endured in order to get to a desired destination.  I see things differently.  For me, a plane ride is a luxury, something to be enjoyed and part of my holiday.  Seeing plane rides this way didn’t just happen.  It was a decision I took and continue to take.  The thought of the plane crashing does pass through my mind but I brush it away and replace it with thoughts of how I’ll be able to have some quiet (even screaming babies must take a break from some time) and how I might make new friends on the plane or read something new and interesting in the in-flight magazine.

These days, I positively look forward to plane rides and see them as my entertainment time.  The first time I heard the entire Lady Gaga album ‘The Fame’ was on a plane.  I saw Sandra Bullock’s movie ‘The Blind Side’ on a flight to the UK and when the Captain stopped the in-flight entertainment just as Matt Damon’s movie ‘Green Zone’ was about to end, I almost howled in disappointment.

All in all, I’ve found ways to turn something so many people dislike into something for me to look forward to.  What do YOU do to make sure you enjoy plane rides?

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