Holiday Must-Do

Photograph by scarletgreen

It’s a cliché but one thing I try to do on every single holiday is to go to a museum. I don’t know much about art but I really wish I did. Going to museums is one way I feel I can educate myself. Depending on the museum, I may also get a brief history of the place I’m visiting as well as a sense of its culture.

A few years ago, whenever I entered a museum, I would try to see every single item on display. Naturally, I would end up tired, bored and with a sense of disappointment that inspite of the fact that I had seen so many things, I couldn’t exactly remember what I had seen. My museum expeditions were a mess. That was until I developed a strategy for visiting museums.

First of all, I would research the museum on the net, find out the general theme of the place and if it had any temporary exhibitions then I would decide what exactly I wanted to see. If after seeing those things I still had the energy to look around, I would go to the section that appealed to me most. In addition, I accepted that the cafes in museums are there for a reason. Yes, they are expensive but it also makes me happy to look around the museum, eat a snack then, feeling re-energised, check out more exhibits.

These days, I’m much happier with my museum sight-seeing trips and I really enjoy them.

What are your must do’s when you go on holiday?

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