How to save money on holiday

There are many many ways to save money before and during a holiday.  Here are a few to set you up for a cheap but chic holiday.

  • Do your research.  The first step in finding out how to do most things on the cheap is by going on the internet.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve saved money or learnt how to make travelling easier by going online.


  • You can save money by ‘breaking’ your flight.  For example: going to the UK from Lagos with Emirates airline which stops over in Dubai can be cheaper than a direct flight.  You need to have a lot of patience though.  Stop-overs can be anything between 3 and 14 hours depending on the airline.  If you keep your eyes on the money, being in transit can be seen as almost fun.


  • These days, a lot of people ‘couchsurf’ while travelling to save on hotel fares.  With couchsurfing, the traveler stays at the home of a stranger who has offered their couch (or spare room in some cases) for free.  Find out more here  


  • Eat street food instead of eating at restaurants (or even McDonald’s) all the time.  When buying street food, go with your gut 😉  If a stall is frequented by locals or recommended by friends, it is probably safe to get food from.


  • Carry a bottle of soft drink around with you when walking around or sightseeing.  I find sipping a soft drink gives me energy for the endless trawling required when sightseeing and sometimes means I can skip a meal and save money in the process.  Of course water is the healthier and usually, cheaper option than soft drinks though.


  • Tickets (plane, train or event ones) are usually much cheaper online.  Often, the earlier you book and pay, the less you’ll pay for the ticket so check your options online first.


  • When staying in a hotel, change your money to the currency of the country you’re in outside the hotel as it is usually cheaper that way.


  • Plan your day.  You can save money on transportation that way.  For example, find out the best place to buy something you really want so you don’t go traipsing around the city only to find that the item was being sold in a shop next to your hotel.


  • In some cities, you can buy special tickets that let you use the public transportation for say, a week and gives you a 40% discount on the entry fee to 10 museums but such a ticket may not be a bargain if you only intend to go to 1 museum.  Think things through before you pay.


What are your tips for saving money on holiday?  Tell us in the comments.

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Photograph by AMagill