Why bad girls get good guys

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In my work as a relationship coach, I hear all the time from women who feel that bad girls get good guys while they are left with nothing.  These women say that they’ve been good.  They didn’t have pre-marital sex, they work hard and they are nice people so they don’t understand why they keep getting bad guys.  They feel like all the good they do has been rewarded with bad.  The reason behind that is what I talk about in this video.

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There are many issues at play here and they can’t all be treated in one single video like this one.  The issues at play here include living your life based on other people’s rules, having a scarcity mentality and comparison-itis.  Yes, that’s a real word!  Okay, I made it up myself but it’s about comparing yourself to other people and it’s a real serious issue.


I can’t treat all those issues in this video but I will say this: there are more than enough good men for all the good women in the world.  Just believe that.  Also, I want you to know that you should forgive yourself, move on and live the life that you want.  That is one of the best things you can do if you want to be happy and you want to start attracting good guys into your life.


Now, let’s go back to this whole idea of bad girls getting good guys.  These bad girls…who are they anyway?  What do they do?  Okay, so you feel like they’ve slept with half the nation, they have sugar daddies and they’ve done all sorts of things but somehow they still get the good guys.  Some of these women are your friends.  Think about it.  Why do you like them?  Is it because they make you laugh?  Is it because they are determined and take no nonsense?  Is it because you feel good around them?  These are the same reasons why good guys like those women.


Think about those traits and be honest with yourself.  This is not about being judgmental now.  Are some of those traits things that you can imbibe, yourself?  Can you be more fun?  Can you be more interesting?  Can you find a way to make people feel better about themselves?  Think about it.  Are there any traits that these women have that you can start to do as well?  Nobody is 100% bad and nobody is 100% good.


Live the life that you want.  Stop living your life hoping that you’ll get approval from somebody somewhere.  You’ll just be disappointed.  Focus on being the happiest version of yourself that you can be and the good guys will start coming into your life.  It’s true and you’ll contact me when it starts to happen.

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