How to understand your man better


Men can be so confusing.  You’ve finally passed the stage where you send a long text and he replies with 2 words.  Or where he calls every day yet doesn’t ask you out.  You’ve gone through all that and finally, you and your guy are officially together.  Now, it’s time for the two of you to start communicating like normal people, right?  Er, no.  Apparently, the journey has just begun.


Now that you guys are together, the communication confusion no longer happens only via text.  It’s also face-to-face.  You go into a long story about what happened during you day, complete with little jokes and what do you get as feedback from him?  “Okay.”  Or maybe you decide not to talk about yourself.  Instead, you ask him how his day went.  His answer?  “Fine.”  The situation can frustrate even the most patient of women.


How on earth do you deal with a man who won’t say what’s on his mind?  What do you do when your guy withdraws into himself for no apparent reason?  How do you communicate with him so you guys can get along better?  There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ answer but one thing you do need to have is patience.  It can be annoying to hear ‘be patient’ when you feel you need answers now but the truth is everything happens at the right time.  Even the guy who seems withdrawn, if he loves you, will when the time is right, come out of his self-imposed exile and reach for you.  If you’re patient and give him a little room, he will cross the space you’ve given and tell you what you need to know.


Being patient is difficult and the truth is it’s only one of the tips you need to know your man better.  If you’d like more detail on why your relationship is the way it is and how you can understand your man better, you need to sign up for my FREE e-course, Rekindle Your Romance.


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