Restaurant Review: Bistro 7

bistro 7

Inside Bistro 7

Bistro 7 is a quiet restaurant in Victoria Island offering simple food like pasta, salads, burgers and pizzas.  It has a red, white and black colour scheme which looks cute and a comfortable, home-y looking outdoor seating area.

I ordered spaghetti with seafood and pomodoro sauce and a glass of Sangria while my friend had the prawn tempura with mashed potatoes and an orange margarita.  For desert, we ordered the vanilla pana cotta with berries.

spaghetti with seafood and pomodoro sauce

Spaghetti with seafood and pomodoro sauce

The food was slightly slow to arrive – it took about half an hour to get to us.  My pasta dish was huge.  There was no way I could finish it and it tasted good.  I’m always really happy with large portions of food when I go to restaurants because you think since you’re paying so much, you should be given more than you can handle.  I really dislike those restaurants that serve small helpings of food.  Have you noticed that it’s always the most expensive restaurants that do that?  I don’t understand it.  What’s the point of going to a restaurant to eat and leaving hungry after the meal?  So annoying.

prawn tempura

Prawn tempura with mashed potatoes

The prawn tempura was also nice although I would have been happier if the batter on the prawns had been a little crispier.  Oddly enough, the mashed potatoes may have been my favourite part of that dish.  It tasted mild yet pleasing and had a good creamy texture.

vanilla pana cotta

Pana cotta with berries

I wasn’t very pleased with the pana cotta to be honest.  It wasn’t visually appealing and while it tasted okay, I really would like to have been able to say more than that.  I usually look forward to dessert but this one wasn’t very enjoyable.

Although the food at Bistro 7 is good and served in large portions, my favourite part of my meal there was the drinks.  I liked their drinks so much, I would go back to Bistro 7 just for them!


Price:           Two main courses, one dessert, two cocktails and a bottle of water cost N12, 400.

Address:       273 Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.


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