Restaurant Review: Milano Restaurant at the Intercontinental Hotel, Lagos

crab cake at milano intercontinental hotel lagos

The gorgeous crab cake I had at Milano

Milano is a large, bright restaurant on the second floor of the recently-opened Intercontinental Hotel, Lagos.  On one side of the restaurant is a glass wall stacked with bottles of champagne and on the other side, diners have a view of the hotel’s reception and lobby making it perfect for people-watching.

milano restaurant at the intercontinental hotel lagos

Inside the Milano restaurant

Milano offers Italian cuisine.  For the appetiser course, I ordered the crisp-fried calamari and devilled crab cake with citrus aioli and roasted chilli remoulade then I asked for the fettuccine alla carbonara while my friend ordered the risotto with grouper fillet, courgette and saffron.  For dessert, I ordered the tiramisu.  Milano offers a wide range of cocktails and I absolutely loved the names they gave their drinks.  I ordered the Mosquito Bite while my friend ordered the African Sunrise (not to be confused with a Tequila Sunrise, you understand).

fettuccine alla carbonara at milano ihg lagos

The fettuccine alla carbonara I ordered

About fifteen minutes after ordering my meal and not seeing any result, I was just about to ask about it when the cheerful waiter bustled up with an amuse basket stocked with different kinds of bread and the drinks.  The Mosquito Bite was the prettiest cocktail I’ve ever seen and if you like your cocktails strong, you’ll love it.

mosquito bite cocktail at milano intercontinental hotel lagos

This pretty cocktail is called the Mosquito Bite 🙂

I was still amusing my stomach with the amuse basket when the calamari and devilled crab cake arrived.  When I cut into the crab cake, I was rewarded with this smooth blend of crab, chilli and spring onions that was beautiful to look at and to eat.

cocktails at milano intercontinental hotel lagos

The names Milano gave their cocktails made me smile

Soon after, the waiter brought over our main courses.  The fettuccine alla carbonara was deliciously creamy but the fettuccine was just a little hard.  I tried the risotto and it was a little too al dente as well.  I have to say though that both dishes were beautifully plated.  The risotto was particularly attractive.

risotto with grouper fillet at milano ihg lagos

The risotto with grouper fillet was plated nicely

The portions of the entrée were large and I couldn’t finish mine.  All the same, when the tiramisu arrived, I dove into it with enthusiasm – there is always space for dessert, isn’t there?  The tiramisu came with a shot of espresso which I avoided – I’m not a fan of anything bitter especially not when my mouth is expecting something sweet.

tiramisu and espresso at milano intercontinental hotel lagos

The tiramisu was a sweet end to the meal

I thoroughly enjoyed my meal at Milano.  The restaurant was beautiful, the staff were friendly and the food though slightly more expensive than other restaurants’ was lovely to look at and delicious when devoured.


Price:       1 appetiser, 2 main courses, 1 dessert, 2 cocktails and a bottle of water cost N24,650.

Address:  52, Kofo Abayomi Road, Victoria Island, Lagos.


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