How to get your ex back

how to get your ex back

As a relationship coach who helps single women over 30 attract the right relationship for them, one of the questions I hear over and over again is “How do I get my ex back?”  I hear this question so often that I finally decided to make a video about it.

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So, how do you get your ex back?  Before we talk about that, you need to ask yourself why you want your ex back.  Is it because you’re in pain right now?  Is it because a source of income has been cut off?  Is it because you feel you were happy then and you want that happiness again?  Answering that question will help you decide what it is that you need because in actual fact, getting your ex back might not be what you need even if it’s what you want.


What you want and what you need are two separate things.   Sometimes, what you want isn’t necessarily what is good for you.  So, in this case, what you need might be how to be confident alone, it might be how to learn to make an income for yourself, it might be how to be a better person so that you attract better partners.  What you might actually need might be different from what you think you need.


Having said that, I’ll now go into the 3 tips that will help you get your ex back.  The 1st tip is that you should have no contact at all.  Don’t contact him at all.  I know it sounds counter-intuitive and if you were really in love with your ex, you might want to text him and call him and message him a lot but do NOT do that.  The trick is that if you do not contact him, he is going to miss you and want to be back in your life but if you keep contacting him and messaging him, he’s not going to miss you at all and in fact, he might think that ending the relationship or the relationship being over if you were the one that ended it, is actually a good thing so don’t contact him.


The 2nd tip is that you should think about the good times you had with your ex.  Think about those good times in the morning and in the evening.  If you can’t think about several good times that you had, good reasons why you were together, times that you were happy when you were in the relationship, then it might be a good thing that you’re no longer with your ex.  You need to be able to think of several things.  So, think of those situations morning and evening every single day.  Just keep playing them over and over again in your mind.


My 3rd tip for you is that you should create a life that you love.  When you create a life that you love, you’ll start to make yourself happier and when you’re happier, you’re more likely to attract your ex back into your life.  Sometimes he’ll even hear about you and hear that you’re living the life and you’re happy again and he’ll want some of that.  So create a life that you love.


What I’ve found is that more than half the time, your ex is going to want to come back into your life.  It might take 2 weeks, it might take 2 months, it might take 2 years but most of the time, exes try to come back.  It will then be up to you to decide whether you do want him back because by now, after doing all these exercises, you might realise that you’re actually quite happy without him.  You don’t need him and you actually think that you deserve someone better.  As always, the choice will be yours.


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