How to dress so you always look good

how to dress so you always look good

Some of the questions I get most frequently from women actually have to do with style.  It’s surprising but that’s the truth.  Women ask me what they should wear on first dates, they ask me what they should wear to look good, they also ask me what to wear to feel confident and so many other questions that have to do with fashion and style.  So I decided to make a style-related video.  In this video, I’m going to be sharing tips on how to dress so you always look good, no matter your budget.

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My 1st tip for you is to wear what you know you look good in, not what is trendy, not what is in vogue, not what other women are wearing but what YOU look good in.  If you’re not sure what you look good in, start paying attention to compliments that you get.  You’ll notice that people tend to compliment you more when you wear certain things.  For example, it could be that whenever you wear fitted shirts or a pencil skirt, you always get more compliments.  Take note of that because that is telling you something.


You could also ask your friends what they think that you look good in.  If you listen, you’ll probably find that what your friends say you look good in and what you get compliments on most are the same sort of things.  In addition, asking your friends what you look good in could open up your eyes to your assets, things that you have, things that you look good in that you don’t know that you look good in.  It’s very important to get other people’s opinions and also to listen to feedback.


My 2nd tip on how to dress so you always look good is to wear what you’re comfortable in.  Now, you shouldn’t just wear what is comfortable but what also looks good so for example, you might be comfortable wearing a kaftan but if it doesn’t look good on you then it’s not something that you should wear.


Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that if something is comfortable, it automatically isn’t something that looks good.  That is not true.  There are things that look good and are also comfortable.  For example, you might find jeans comfortable.  If jeans look good on you and they are appropriate to the event that you’re going to or to the occasion, then you can wear them and feel confident because you look good.


My 3rd and final tip on how to dress so that you always look good is to create a signature look for yourself.  A signature look is something that you always wear and that people come to associate with you.  A signature look is something that suits you and makes you look unique.  A signature look can be an outfit. For example, it can be always wearing fitted T-shirts with A-line skirts.  It can be a colour, for example, always wearing black or it can be an accessory.  For example, if you always wear high heels or you always wear hoop earrings, that can be your signature look.


Whatever your signature look is, you have to be consistent with it.  When you’re consistent with it, people come to associate it with you and you’ll also feel confident and good whenever you step out of the house because you already know from past experience that this is something that looks good on you.  When you consistently wear your signature look, you’ll always look good and you’ll always stand out from the crowd.  Create a signature look for yourself.


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