How to change your aura so you attract men

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In today’s video, I’m going to be talking about how to change your aura so men approach you.  If that is something you’re interested in, stick around for the entire video.

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Before we get into how to change your aura so men can approach you, we need to know what an aura is, first of all.  So, what is an aura?  An aura is the energy that surrounds you.  It’s invisible but everybody has one.  Your aura is unique to you and everybody has a specific aura but it changes with time and with your emotions, so for example, your aura when you’re happy is different from your aura when you’re sad.


Because your aura is unique to you and is sensitive to your emotions, it is something that you can change so that the effect on people is different.  That is what is so good about knowing how to change your aura so men can approach you.


Now that the definition is out of the way, let’s get into how you can change your aura so that more men approach you.  The very 1st thing you can do is to eat properly and exercise.  This is because when you’re healthy, you’re happy and that changes your aura into a more positive one so eat properly and exercise.


The 2nd thing you can do is to smile.  Smiling is the easiest way you can change your aura because life is difficult.  It’s difficult for everybody.  Or rather, it can be difficult and everybody goes through difficult points in life but a smile can make it easier.  It can make it easier for you and it can make it easier for the people around you so whenever you can, bring out a smile.  A smile is another thing that can change your aura positively and also make men approach you.  If you want to know other simple tips that you can use so men approach you, you should watch my video called How to Be More Approachable.


My next tip for you is that you should make sure that your thoughts throughout the day are positive.  So if you find yourself thinking negative thoughts about yourself, other people or a situation that you’re in, stop yourself right there and change that thought into a positive one.  The more positive your thoughts, the more positive your aura and the more likely it is that you’ll be approached by positive guys.


Be the kind of person that you want to attract.  So for example, if you want to attract a fun, exciting guy into your life, be a fun, exciting person.


My next tip for you is to decide the kind of person that you want to be.  Look for inspiration around you.  Is there someone who you admire and you want to be like?  That can be somebody in your daily life.  It can be somebody in the movies, it can be somebody in the media.  Choose that person and then write out the characteristics of that person that you like.


Once you’ve decided on that, start becoming like that person.  Start doing things that that person does but keep a tight hold on your own values.  That is so important.


Whenever you’re in a situation that you’re unsure, ask yourself, “How would that person behave in this situation?”  If you’re in a particular situation and you don’t know what to do, think to yourself, “What would this person do in that situation?” Would she stay at home because her friends say they don’t want to go to the movies or would she go to the movies by herself?  Think about it.  Be the kind of person you want to be.


My next tip for you is to visualise men asking you out.  Visualise a client or a visitor to your office asking you for your number.  Visualise being approached in the supermarket by the kind of guy that you want to meet.  Visualise your friend telling you her cousin wants to meet you because she talks about you all the time and he is so interested.  Visualise, visualise, visualise.


My last tip for you is to practise, practise, practise.  Keep doing this until your aura changes.  If you keep doing all the tips I have mentioned in this video, there is no way, your aura definitely WILL change and it will change for the better.


Don’t give up and over time, you’ll find that you have become the person you wanted to be and that your aura has changed.  In fact, people will start to tell you that you have changed and for good.  They might not know what exactly has changed about you and they might not be able to put their finger on it or even tell you what it is about you that has changed but they will know that you have changed and they will tell you.  When that happens, that is confirmation to you that your aura has changed so be super-proud of yourself.  When your aura changes in a positive way, more men will start to approach you.


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