A Yoruba Wedding: The traditional wedding

My brother got married recently.  Like I said in an earlier post, there are often many stages in a Yoruba wedding.  After the Momimo comes the traditional wedding ceremony then the white wedding.  Sometimes, the traditional and white ceremonies happen on the same day but it’s very stressful that way so many people prefer to have the…

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A Yoruba naming ceremony

 My new nephew and his mum. My brother had a baby.  Well, not my brother exactly.  His wife was the one who had the baby.  Either way, I have a new nephew.  My nephew’s arrival made me think about his naming ceremony.  Naming ceremonies are a big deal in Yoruba land.  Yoruba naming ceremonies are generally…

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Living in Lagos (May 2012)

This feature shows through pictures what living in Lagos is like for me.  It’s a picture-heavy post that will hopefully help you get the vibe of Lagos from a particular perspective.  I hope you enjoy it. I was excited to watch Umoja.  It was my second time of seeing the show but I

How to Holiday in Lagos

Since I live in Lagos, writing about how to have a great time here seemed so obvious to me that I never bothered to do it.  I put it down to that cliché that when you know something, you assume that everyone else knows it too.  Of course, that isn’t true.  It took me spending…

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