Picture of the Month: Seoul

The first time I really paid attention to Seoul was when Psy’s song, Gangnam Style, came out some years ago.  I found the video funny and was fascinated by the popularity of the song so I did a little research and found out that Gangnam is a district in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. …

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Holidays with Cherchez la Curl

Kyoto, famous for geisha like these, is one of the places Cherchez la Curl plans to visit next. 1.  Tell us about the first holiday you remember taking. The first holiday that I can recall purely from my own memory (and not from siblings’ and parents’ stories) would be a road trip to my mother’s…

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Picture of the month: Sentosa Island, Singapore

Sentosa Island is a little island off Singapore’s coast.  I would like to go to Singapore with its amazing shopping and other attractions but I would love to visit Sentosa Island.  Sentosa Island is apparently a tourist’s haven with beaches, restaurants and lots of stuff to do.  This photograph of Sentosa

Holidays with Sarah Von Bargen

One of Sarah’s most memorable trips was to the Amazon Forest. 1.    Tell us about the very first solo trip you remember taking. My first really big trip was to Steinheim, Germany when I was 18.  I was part of an exchange program and I stayed with the family of a lovely girl that my family…

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Picture of the Month: Istanbul

Did you know Istanbul isn’t the capital of Turkey?  You see, you learn all sorts from reading my blog 😉  Ankara is the capital.  I had no idea either until I was doing research for this post.  Istanbul may not be the capital of Turkey but it is

Holidays with Ola

Phuket, where Ola had an amazing time exploring caves and snorkeling with friends. 1.    Tell us about the very first holiday you remember being on. Probably London. We used to go to visit my Grandmother during the holidays and I remember hanging out with my cousins and aunts and going sightseeing with my siblings. 2.   …

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