Holidays with Ola

Phuket, where Ola had an amazing time exploring caves and snorkeling with friends.

1.    Tell us about the very first holiday you remember being on.

Probably London. We used to go to visit my Grandmother during the holidays and I remember hanging out with my cousins and aunts and going sightseeing with my siblings.

2.    What has been your most memorable holiday?

Definitely a trip to Thailand I took for my birthday with some friends. We visited several cities and explored Bangkok, but the most memorable part was Phuket and exploring the Similan islands. We had a great time snorkeling, swimming, exploring caves and of course discovering the nightlife. It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to.

3.    What do you like most about vacations?

Going to foreign countries and experiencing different cultures. I prefer to do the same things as the locals rather than the more commercialized activities geared towards tourists.

4.    What do you hate most about vacations?

Nothing really! I always look for a chance to get away and do something new. The most important thing is to have the right travel partner(s)!

5.    How would you spend your perfect day on holiday?

Exploring and eating! I’m always on the lookout for a food tour or a really good restaurant 🙂

6.    Where would you most like to go on holiday? Why?

Kenya. I’ve always wanted to go on safari.



Bio:  I am a 28 year old travel enthusiast who has traveled to every continent with the exception of Australia and Antarctica. While I’ll probably never venture to Antarctica, I’m always up for new experiences. My dream job was to work for the Travel Channel but I decided to pursue a more practical career in pharmacy. I love to teach and implement new ideas in a professional setting. When I’m not buried under books, I like to spend my time hanging out with friends and traveling.


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