Restaurant Review: Salamander Café, Abuja

Salamander Café with its art-y vibe is located on a quiet street in Wuse 2.  With people talking quietly in English, French and other languages, soft music playing in the background, a little bookshop and a mini library of magazines to read while you dine, Salamander feels like more than a place to eat.  It feels like a chill-out place for adults.  I went there for the food though.

salamander abuja

How I spent the time while waiting for my order to arrive.

I ordered a Cobb Salamander salad and a chocolate frappe, picked up a magazine and settled down to wait for my food. And waited and waited.  I admired the nice cutlery in front of me.  I sipped my chocolate frappe. I flipped through the magazine. Finally, I angrily went in search of the waitress who had taken my order.  She apologized profusely and I went back to my seat.  The food finally arrived 45 minutes later.

salad at salamander abuja

The delicious Cobb Salamander salad.

When the salad turned up, it was piled so high it almost blocked my view.  It was a delicious mix of lettuce, cheese, bacon, chicken, boiled eggs, avocado and tomatoes.  I ate as much as I could but still couldn’t empty my plate.  The salad was so large and tasty that I forgave the kitchen for taking so long to get it to me.  I would definitely recommend the Salamander Café.  Go with an empty stomach and a bit of patience.


Address:       5 Bujumbura Street, Off Libreville Street, Wuse 2, Abuja.


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