The food of Barcelona

I love trying new food so when I was in Barcelona recently, I was excited to try the cuisine. 

barcelona food

This was an appetiser I had in Barcelona.  It was a kind of tuna salad.

barcelona food

This was the first time I had paella.  Loved the taste but wasn’t crazy about the texture of the rice.  I think rice in Barcelona is left harder than I’m used to.

barcelona dessert

I loved this and in fact it was the only part of the meal I finished completely 🙂

salad in barcelona tapas

A couple of friends and I went to a restaurant called Cachitos and ordered tapas which is like a Spanish term for different kinds of little meals.  Generally, people order lots of different things or tapas so everyone has a taste of everything with no FOMO 🙂  This is a salad we ordered as part our tapas.

barcelona tapas

To the left are potatoes, in the middle are bits of smoked salmon on toast-like pieces of bread and on the right are pieces of bread rubbed with tomatoes and drizzled with olive oil.  The ‘tomato-bread’ (I’ve forgotten what it’s called in Spanish) is pretty common in Barcelona.

barcelona tapas

I loved this!  It looks like pasta but is actually monkfish and zucchini made to look like pasta.


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