Hotel Review: Intercontinental Hotel Lagos

intercontinental hotel lagos

A room at the Intercontinental Hotel, Lagos

Intercontinental Lagos is part of the Intercontinental Hotel Group and is located in Victoria Island, one of the classiest areas in Lagos.  It is one of the newest hotels in Lagos which of course means it is one of the most popular places to be right now.  Of all the hotels  I have ever been in, I think the Intercontinental Lagos is the most beautiful.  The hotel has over 20 floors and is said to be the tallest hotel in West Africa which makes for some awesome views of Lagos.

sitting area in a room intercontinental hotel lagos

I loved this chair and footstool in the hotel room

Intercontinental Lagos has 4 restaurants, a swimming pool and a gym.  I loved the variety of restaurants in the hotel – Milano is an Italian restaurant, SoHo is a Chinese restaurant, Ekaabo restaurant offers Nigerian and intercontinental 😉 food and PS/SP is the pool-side restaurant offering light meals.

With over 20 floors and close to 400 rooms, it makes sense that the hotel has 4 lifts although while I was at the hotel, not all of them worked at the same time.  The lifts are different from other lifts I’ve seen.  Instead of just pressing an up or down button like you would on other elevators, with this one, you press the number of the floor you want before you get into the lift.  Once in the elevator, there are no buttons to press for a different floor.  While it is a unique system, it does feel weird.  What if you change your mind and for example, want to go to the floor with the swimming pool (which by the way is on the 5th floor) instead of going straight to your room like you had earlier planned?  You would have to step out of the lift at the floor you first decided on (or on any other floor the lift opens if someone else requested the lift on a particular floor), press the new floor number, wait for another lift to arrive then get in again.  It can be exasperating.

fruit bowl in room intercontinental hotel lagos

I found this bowl of apples and bottle of wine waiting for me in the hotel room.  I felt it was thoughtful of the hotel.

The staff at the hotel are pleasant and the views from the hotel are nice.  Lagos is not the most beautiful of cities but even Lagos looks beautiful from the Intercontinental.  Having said that, I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t tell you that the Intercontinental Lagos is an expensive hotel.  Rooms there cost from about $200 a night depending on the time of year and you wouldn’t get much change from N10,000 if you ordered a meal and a drink there.

So, in summary, the Intercontinental Hotel Lagos is like a glamorous woman – beautiful but expensive.  It’s no wonder everyone wants to be there.


Address:  Plot 52, Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.


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