What to wear when taking a trip

When getting dressed for a trip, my first thought is usually comfort.  As much as I wish I was like Victoria Beckham who always looks like she is heading for a photoshoot when in fact she is heading for the airport, the truth is I’m more concerned with how I feel than how I look in my ‘travel outfit’.  Each time I travel, I promise myself I’ll dress like an uber-model but each time, I break my own promise and go for uber-comfortable instead. 
I practically have a travel uniform now:  jeans (usually blue), a t-shirt (usually black), velcro-strapped trainers that can be taken off easily at the request of immigration officials and no-belt to set off the scanners at the airport.  I limit makeup to powder, black eyeliner and lip balm – enough to make me look alive but not enough to make people wonder if I’ll be heading to a party straight from the airport.  When travelling by road, my uniform varies slightly.  This time, I wear a belt, any pair of trainers I want and no makeup.  I dislike road trips (inspite of how fun they seem in road trip films) and not wearing makeup is my way of showing my displeasure to the universe.  I once knew a girl who always dressed up, wore heels and a full face of makeup before travelling by road.  Her story was if the vehicle she was in broke down, she was more likely to get help or a lift if she looked good.  I’m not sure I agree with her school of thought though.
My take is, when travelling, dress for comfort and safety.  If you end up having to sit on an airport floor for several hours waiting for a delayed flight (as has happened to me before), the last thing you would want to be wearing are jeggings or a body-con dress and if travelling by road and your car breaks down, walking to the nearest bus-stop or mechanic workshop would be a lot easier if you aren’t wearing 4-inch heels.
What do you usually wear when you travel?  Do you have any favourite travel outfits?

Okay, I’m not actually at an airport in these pictures but these are my standard travel outfits, honest 🙂  And before you say it, I’m going to start learning to take better pictures 😉

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