Go on holiday with friends and come back friends

Like I said in an earlier post, solo holidays are fun but even I have to admit that ‘holidaying’ with friends is even more fun.  However, there are many stories of people going on holiday together and by the time they come back, they are hardly speaking to each other.  I’ve gone on holiday with friends and family and we (mostly ;-)) still love each other so allow me to give you some tips on how to go on holiday with a friend and come back friends.
·         The first and maybe most obvious tip is to go on holiday with someone you know very well.  It would surprise you the number of people I barely know who have asked me to go on holiday with them.  Doing so is a recipe for disaster even if you’re the adventurous type.
·         Try to decide the basics together.  Both parties are more likely to be happy if they are both satisfied with things like choice of hotel and number of days you’ll be away.  If one person doesn’t care about such mundane things, the other should take up that task but keep the other person informed of all decisions.
·         Decide together what you guys would like to do while on holiday.  If your friend’s idea of a holiday is eating and lying by the pool while yours is seeing as many museums and historical monuments as possible, you might be in for a trying time.
·         Decide who will be in charge of what while on holiday.  For example:  before my friend, Yetunde and I went to Paris (the first time for both of us), we decided she would be in charge of transportation (map-reading and deciphering the Metro) because she works in transportation and I would be in charge of communication (because I speak a little French).  It worked out very well.
Yetunde and I at the Louvre, Paris
·       Learn to compromise.  Sometimes, when I’m on holiday, my friend wants to go somewhere I’m not interested in going and vice versa but we go to both places together.  It makes things more fun plus you never know.  You could discover something new that you like which is how I discovered long bicycle rides can be fun.  Even if you wind up taking a taxi back home.
Going on holiday with a good friend can be filled with fun.  To see how other people manage it, click here to see how blogger extraordinaire, Gala Darling and her friend, design aficionado, Nubby Twiglet went to Paris and had a great time. 

Have you ever gone on holiday with a friend and had a wonderful or an awful time?  Tell us in the comments.

Yetunde and I at Windsor Castle in the U.K.
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