Travel Pictures: Doing Dubai

Dubai is one of my favourite places to visit and though it’s a small city, there seems to be something new every time I go there.  Here are a few pictures from my most recent trip to this jewel of the desert.view from hyatt regency dubai

I love this picture.  It looks fake but it’s actually the view of Dubai from the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dubai.

view of jumeirah hotel from burj al arab dubai

 This is the fantastic view from the 27th floor of the Burj Al Arab.

dubai architecture

Dubai always has to have the latest and the best of everything including architecture.  This twisted building is mind-boggling.

dubai at night

Although I’ve been in Dubai a few times now, this was the first time I walked around at night and I liked it.  It was just as busy as daytime.   Amazing!

 fountain inside burj al arab dubai

Dubai can be a little over-the-top.  This is an elaborate fountain inside the Burj Al Arab hotel.

 view of dubai from al dawaar

This is a view from Al Dawaar, Dubai’s only revolving restaurant.  The restaurant is quite something; if you get carried away in a conversation during your meal, by the time you look out the window, your view would have changed.  Awesome.

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