5 signs a guy likes you

When a guy likes you, he often shows many signs that he does but because men and women are so different, what he thinks are clear signs he’s interested in you may appear quite fuzzy to you.  I remember towards the end of my time in secondary school, one of my favourite ways to torture a friend of mine was to ask her if she thought a guy I had a crush on liked me.  It was the silliest thing ever.  Every day, I would say something like “He left his friend to come and talk to me.  Do you think he likes me?” or “He smiled directly at me when he walked past my class.  Do you think he likes me?”  And every day, my friend would say, “Lape, please stop disturbing me.  He likes you but clearly, he is stupid and wasting time.”  I was never quite sure he liked me until one day, I got tired of the crush and moved on.  That was when he finally told me he fancied me.  Of course by then, it was too late.  However, I learned something from that experience – my friend had been right.  The guy had liked me AND had been sending me signs that he did.  I just didn’t ‘get’ them.

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One would think that as adults, the signs that a guy likes you would be different from the ones you came across when you were much younger but that may not necessarily be so.  Men often use the same signs and methods they learnt as teenagers even when they become adults.  Some superficial things may change e.g. he may call you every day instead of sending you a handwritten note but the message he is trying to relay is the same – I fancy you like mad!


If you’d like a quick list of these 5 signs so that you can refer to it or even send to a friend, you’re in luck because I’ve put these 5 signs into a simple cheatsheet for you.  Click on the image below to download it. (Clicking on the image will take you to a form you’ll need to fill to get your freebie.)

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So, what signs should you look out for to know if a guy likes you?  Here are a few:


1 He contacts you regularly:  Try not to misread signals here.  If he contacts you requiring some information he needs to do a task, it doesn’t necessarily mean he is crazy about you but if you find that he is always contacting you, sometimes for work information you know he already has or that he could easily get from someone else, it may be a sign that he likes you.


2 He goes out of his way for you:  IF a guy goes out of his way to try to please you, you know he likes you.  This is particularly true if you notice he doesn’t behave that way with other people.  He is trying to tell you he thinks you’re special.


3 You discover he has been talking about you:  If you have mutual friends and they say he’s always talking about you, just know he’s interested.  Of course, if the things he’s saying about you are nice things, it’s clear he fancies you but even if he brings you up in the most mundane way (“Yes, Mimi has black shoes too!”), you know that you’re on his mind a lot.


4 You wonder if he’s interested in you:  By the time you’re wondering if he’s interested in you, he probably is.  That’s because for you to be thinking about it, without knowing it, you’ve been collating different signs he’s been sending you and your sub-conscious has realised that he likes you.  You just haven’t admitted it to yourself yet.


5 He asks to spend time with you:  This is the clearest of signs that a guy likes you.  If a guy really likes you and thinks you’re special, he’ll stop with the signalling and coding and finally come out with it.  He will ask to spend time with you where he’ll hope to make it even clearer that he likes you.


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Remember to download your 5 signs a guy likes you cheatsheet by clicking on the image below. (Clicking on the image will take you to a form you’ll need to fill to get your freebie.)

FREE 5 signs a guy likes you cheatsheet www.lapesoetan.com

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