Restaurant Review: Pattaya Oriental Restaurant

Pattaya is a Thai restaurant on Adeola Hopewell Street in Victoria Island.  During the day on weekdays, this is a very busy road but it’s calmer in the evening and at weekends.  I went there at about 2pm on a public holiday so not only was the area traffic-free but I practically had the entire restaurant to myself. Pattaya offers Thai cuisine which isn’t very common in Lagos.

The crisps and a hot and sour dip arrived first

At the restaurant, I ordered noodle soup with duck as a starter then noodles topped with seafood and vegetables in thick oyster sauce and pan-fried pork with young ginger, spring onion and black fungus and soy bean sauce.  To drink, I ordered a Singapore Sling.  Before my soup arrived, some crisps and a hot and sour dip were brought to my table.

I had noodle soup with duck as a starter

I didn’t like the crisps or the soup.  The soup tasted like meat broth which some people like but which I definitely wasn’t expecting having ordered a soup with duck in it.  After that, things went well.  The noodles and the pork dishes were tasty and I liked the fieriness of the pork although a mild version can be ordered of course.  The Singapore Sling was great and tempted me to order another but I managed to rein myself in and had water instead.


The noodles with seafood and vegetables & pan-fried pork with young ginger, spring onion and black fungus were great

I was disappointed with the service though.  Inspite of the fact that there were very few customers in the restaurant on that day, the person serving me often disappeared leaving me try to catch the eye of the other waiters around.  I had to wait quite a bit between courses.

All in all, I thought the main courses were fine and the drink I ordered was great.  There aren’t many Thai restaurants in Lagos so if it is a cuisine you want to try, Pattaya is one of your options.

Price:           About N8,000:00 including one drink and a bottle of water.

Address:       30 Adeola Hopewell, Victoria Island, Lagos

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