Restaurant Review: The Grillroom at Wheatbaker Hotel

The Grillroom is one of the restaurants at The Wheatbaker Hotel located in a calm part of Ikoyi.  There’s a choice of sitting areas at The Grillroom – you can sit in the restaurant proper, by the hotel’s swimming pool or at another outside sitting area next to an interesting water feature.

The self-replenishing strawberry daiquiri

I had heard quite a bit about The Grillroom so I was quite excited to go.  I went there early on a Saturday evening and the restaurant was almost empty (which I liked really) but more and more people arrived as the evening wore on and I got the feeling that by night-time, the place would be positively buzzing.  When I arrived at the restaurant, I was told that they didn’t serve main meals until 6pm and since I had gotten earlier than that (and was hungry), I had to order from their entrée menu.

I ordered the Asian finger platter and a strawberry daiquiri.  A few minutes later, a waiter brought my drink and some olives and nuts to nibble on while I waited for the main thing.  The platter took its time arriving and while it was nice to look at, the potatoes lacked something (salt, maybe) and were too thick for my taste and I found the entire entrée portion small.  I loved the daiquiri though.  I liked its colour, the unusual shape of the ice and the fact that as I drank it, the ice melted and seemed to create more of the drink.  It was like drinking from a self-replenishing glass.

The Asian finger platter at The Grillroom

While I loved the ambience of the restaurant, its water feature and of course, the constantly replenishing strawberry daiquiri, I wasn’t too impressed with the food.  I know what I ordered was an entrée but I’ve had entrees in other restaurants that came in such huge portions, I had no space left for the main meal.  Also, I thought N3,800 was a bit much for what was essentially just a starter.

Price:           The Asian finger platter cost N3,800 and the strawberry daiquiri N2,500.

Address:       4 Lawrence Road (formerly Onitolo Road), Off Alexander Road, Ikoyi, Lagos.

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