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Hi and welcome back to my blog.  Today, I’m going to be talking about how to keep a guy interested in you.  There are 2 main ways to keep a guy interested in you and I explain those two ways in this week’s video.

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The 1st way is to do the things that the guy likes.  For example, if you know that a guy likes Manchester United, you can start swotting up on the players and the positions they play.  If he mentions that he likes edikaikong, you can learn how to cook it and surprise him with it from time to time.  If he does something that annoys you, just keep quiet about it.  That is one route to go.


However, that is the more difficult route and that is the route that is most likely going to lead to him leaving you.  Why?  For 2 reasons.  The first one is that nobody can maintain being somebody else.  You’re just trying to be somebody else and you cannot keep that up.  Eventually, you’re going to stop and the guy is going to feel betrayed and deceived and is going to leave.


The other reason why this route doesn’t work is because it shows that you have no personality.  You’re just doing things because you think the guy likes them.  Eventually, the guy is going to get bored and is going to go and look for somebody who is more exciting and can give him things that he wants, that he doesn’t even know that he wants, someone who is going to make him feel interested in life and interested in you as well.  So, that is the more difficult route and I would not advice that you do that.


The 2nd way to keep a guy interested in you is, and are you listening?  This is really, really important.  The 2nd and the better way to keep a guy interested in you is to be yourself.  This is actually the easier route but it is also the route that fewer women take because they’re not confident in themselves and they don’t feel like they have enough to keep a guy interested but the truth is that you are enough to keep a guy interested.


If he has chosen to come to you, that means that he sees something in you that he likes.  So if you start dating a guy and you’ve always worn trousers, don’t change and start wearing skirts and flowery tops because you think that men like feminine women.  He saw feminine women before he came to meet you.  If you’re the type who was always bold with your opinions and you always shared your thoughts, don’t suddenly start keeping quiet and become a mouse.  He is going to wonder where his exciting babe went.


He came to you for a reason.  If he wanted to date somebody else, he would go and date somebody else.  He is with you because he likes you the way you are.  Remember that.  THAT is the best way to keep a guy interested in you.  So, if you want to keep a guy interested in you, be yourself.


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