How to handle a fear of commitment

how to handle your fear of commitment

It may come as a surprise to some people that it’s not just men who have a fear of commitment.  Some women, perhaps it’s even many women, have a fear of commitment as well.  Whether it appears in men or women, the fear of commitment is an obstacle in helping you find the right relationship.


If you’ve watched my videos before, you may know that I’m a relationship coach for single women over the age of 30.  So my tips in this video are targeted at women.  However, if you are a guy who has a fear of commitment, you may find some of these tips useful so keep watching this video as well.


As a woman, you might have been saying for ages that you want to get married or that you want to get in a serious relationship and you’re wondering why it hasn’t happened yet.  A fear of commitment might be the reason behind that.  If you want to know how you can turn your fear of commitment around or you want to know even if you have a fear of commitment at all, you should watch this video because it has the answers you’re looking for.

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Prefer to read rather that watch the video?  Here’s what’s in it: 

The fear of commitment, not wanting to give yourself fully to one relationship or one person is something that happens in both men and women.  Some women have a fear of commitment and don’t even realise it.


A fear of commitment could arise from various causes.  It could be that your parents had a terrible relationship and you don’t want to repeat that in your life so you’re afraid of getting into relationships.  It could be that your parents divorced so you feel like marriages always end in divorce so what’s the point of getting married?  Or it could be that you’ve had your heart broken several times before and you’re so done with love, you have developed a fear of commitment, you’ve developed a fear of relationships.


A fear of commitment can come from any other reason apart from these ones I’ve just given but the ones I’ve just given are some of the most common ones.  As I said before, a fear of commitment could stop you from being in the right relationship.  So you might be saying you want to be in a good relationship or you want to get married but you keep doing things that stop you from doing that and that is because you have a fear of commitment.


As a result of your fear of commitment, you keep attracting the wrong kind of guys – players and men who are generally bad for you.  Or whenever you get into a good relationship, you somehow find a way to sabotage it.  All of these are symptoms and effects of a fear of commitment.


In order to turn your fear of commitment around, you have to first of all admit that fear.  You have to admit that you have a fear of relationships, you have a fear of commitment.  Once you’ve said that out loud (to yourself, you don’t need to say it to anybody else), then you can start doing something about it if that is what you want.


Here are some tips that will help.  One, realise that relationships are NOT hereditary.  The fact that your parents had a bad relationship does NOT mean that you will have a bad relationship as well.  Yes, it is probably true that many people recreate in their lives, the relationship that their parents had but it does not mean that every single person does that.  And if you’re aware of this fact then you can fight against it.


So, you can decide that you are not going to have the same sort of relationship that your parents had and you can work towards it.  The thing is to realise that you have to work towards it.  You can’t just hope that you’re going to have better relationships than your parents did.  It is something that you have to be aware of and it is something that you have to keep working towards.


Two, change your mindset so that you start attracting better men.  One way that you can do that is to watch my video, ‘How to Attract the Right Guy in 3 Easy Steps’.  You can download that video by clicking here.  Watch that video and you’ll find out 3 easy steps to help you attract better men.


Finally, stay positive, stay optimistic and don’t give up!  Know that if you’re determined to stop having a fear of relationships or to stop having a fear of commitment, you can do it.  You have to decide that that is what you want and if you keep working at it, you’ll achieve your goal.


Those are my tips on how to handle your fear of commitment.  If you want more tips on love and relationships from me, follow me on Instagram.  Remember to download my video on how to attract the right guy for you in 3 easy steps by clicking here.   I wish you love and strength.