Would you travel with you? How to be the best travel companion

Many people will only travel if they have someone to go with.  Apart from me of course.  I’m just as likely to go on holiday with someone as I am to go alone.  I’ve done both successfully and am a pretty good travel buddy if I say so myself.  If you want to be the most-requested travel companion you know, here are some tips to help you:

  • Be a happy, upbeat person. If you’re not, simulate it.


  • Try to see opportunities in obstacles because there are plenty of obstacles involved in travel (delayed flights, unrecorded bookings, tummy trouble and so on).  Your goal is to be the type of person who finds something to smile about in every situation.


  • Be adventurous.  Maybe you’re the sort of person whose idea of a thrilling day out is to make sure you’re at the head of the queue in the sales at a mall while your travel friend would love to spend the day bungee-jumping.  Go ahead and give the bungee-jumping a try or at least go to the location with her and cheer as loudly as you can.


  • Stick to time.  This isn’t just about etiquette here.  Sometimes, it’s about safety.  If you and a friend agree to meet somewhere at 7pm and then head home together, don’t turn up at 9pm having left her waiting alone on a street corner for 2 hours.  It’s simply not cool.


  • Be generous with your time and money.  I’m not saying you should go into debt here but if your friend needs you to lend her small change and you trust her, do so and move on.  If she pays you back without you needing to ask for it, she’s a friend you should keep, if she doesn’t, maybe you should find another travel partner.


  • This may be obvious but I’m going to say it anyway.  If your friend fancies a guy you both met on holiday, for goodness sake, don’t kiss him not unless you don’t fancy her friendship anymore.

I could go on and on about what to do to be the ideal holiday buddy but I think one rule rules them all so to speak and that is this:  treat your travel partner the way you would like to be treated. 


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