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tunde aladese

Tunde Aladese

1.Describe Lagos in 3 words.

Grimy. Unapologetic. Amorphous.

2. What’s your favourite thing to do in Lagos?

I don’t think I have a favourite thing.  Going to the beach can be nice but so can going to listen to music or going to the movies (which you can do pretty much anywhere).  An interesting facet of Lagos and its people is its love of partying and dance but I don’t think I’m exactly a prime ambassador of that.

3.  What is your favourite restaurant in Lagos and why?

I haven’t been out much lately so I don’t know any of the new places but if we’re looking at the classics – Pearl Garden for Chinese, Yellow Chilli or Ghana High for Nigerian (depending on what you’re in the mood for), Bottles for Mexican, Sherlaton/Viceroy for Indian, Pattaya for Thai.  I could do this all day. Of course, now you can order most things online from the restaurants which is awesome if you’re me and stuck working.

4. Where is your favourite place to shop in Lagos?

I’m not sure I do.

5. What do you love about Lagos?

That’s rough. Most times I feel like my love for Lagos is like your relationship with family – you didn’t choose them, but since you’re stuck with them all the things you should hate just endear you. But if pushed I guess I would say the can-do, hustle spirit of the city.

6. If you met someone new to Lagos, how would you suggest they spend a day in the city?

Tough, depends on what they like to do.  If they like music, depending on if they are into the artsy or the trendy crowd – they could go to a variety of places for a good live show (Freedom Park, Jazzhole, Bogobiri) or a good DJ (clubbing and getting the full naija pop vibe).  They should get a taste of suya if they’ve never had it (at Polo Club or off Glover Road, Ikoyi), go to an owambe party.  If they’re into seeing and being seen, they should score an invite to whatever big social do is on for the day. They might want to check out the beach (they might need to get into a boat or take a pretty long drive for a proper relaxing time) and I’m sure there are more suggestions that I’m not thinking of right now.


Tunde Aladese writes for the M-Net series – Tinsel, occasionally acts for the challenge and makes music for her soul. 


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Image courtesy Tunde Aladese