Travel Pictures: Cross River (Part 1)

Cross River is becoming one of my favourite places to visit.  Here are some pictures from my recent trip there.  I split the pictures from the trip into two posts so you don’t get photo-overload :-)   See the second part here.

Ikom bridge in cross river state nigeria

This is the bridge at Ikom.  Underneath it flows the Cross River.

hills of obudu

The rolling hills of Obudu are a sight to behold.

spring in obudu

This lively little spring bubbles through the Love Garden at Obudu Mountain Resort.

the long winding road leading to obudu resort

The famous winding Obudu road is 11km long with 22 hairpin bends.

the cable cars at obudu resort

No trip to Obudu Mountain Resort is complete without riding on its cable car.

mists of obudu

The mists in Obudu, especially during rainy season, are reminiscent of the moors of Wuthering Heights.


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