How to start a conversation with a guy

how to start a conversation with a guy

Some women who watch this video will think, “Does anybody need help starting a conversation with a guy?”  The answer to that is ‘yes’.  I think the thing is that sometimes we forget that because something is easy for us, we assume that it’s easy for everybody and that’s not the case.  There are women who DO need help with starting conversations with guys and that is what this video is about.  This video is to help women who want to know how to start conversations with guys learn how to do so.

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The first thing when wondering how to start a conversation with a guy is to remember that men, like women, are human beings.  I know we say that men are from Mars and women are from Venus but deep down, underneath it all, we’re all the same.  We all just want happiness and love in this world.  So, if you think about yourself and how you would want somebody else to come and start a conversation with you, that would help you and be a guide when you want to start a conversation with a guy.


My 1st tip on how to start a conversation with a guy is to make eye contact.  Body language is so important in knowing whether somebody is interested in talking to you at all.  So, if there’s a guy that you want to speak to, the very first thing you need to do is make eye contact.  If you look at him, he looks back at you and he smiles, that is a sure sign that he is open to talking to you so take the next step.


My 2nd tip on how to start a conversation with a guy is to pay him a compliment.  It is the rare person who can resist a compliment.  Almost nobody can resist a compliment.  If you compliment somebody, they are bound to smile and think you’re a nice person so, pay the guy a compliment.  It could be something visible like his watch, his eyes, his shirt or it could be something that is not visible.


It could be, perhaps you know his photography skills from online, you could compliment him on that.  Or you could compliment him on a speech that you heard him give recently or you could compliment him on the way he danced the last time you saw him at a party.  Whatever it is, think about what you like about him and tell him.  Pay him a compliment.  Nobody can resist that.


My 3rd tip on how to start a conversation and keep it going is to ask questions.  When it comes to asking questions, they should be open-ended questions.  Open-ended questions are questions that require the other person to speak for a longer period of time.  The questions can rarely be answered with just one word like ‘fine’ or ‘okay’.


Examples of questions that are open-ended are ‘What do you enjoy most about your job’ or ‘What is your favourite memory from childhood’.  Those are open-ended questions that require the person to think and to talk.  Ask him questions about himself, pay attention to his answers and he’ll think that you’re the most interesting person he has ever spoken to.  It’s just how human beings are.


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