Living in Lagos (October 2013)

This particular Living in Lagos post has a food theme.  I didn’t set out to take only food pictures but it turned out that way.  The funny thing is I don’t even particularly like food, honest!  I hate cooking and love eating out so most of the pictures in this post were taken in restaurants.

ice cream in lagos nigeria

I really like ice-cream so I’m always happy when I find new places that sell ice-cream I like.  I bought this one at a supermarket in Victoria Island.  It felt a little odd to be licking ice-cream as I wandered through the supermarket aisles putting bleach and detergent in my trolley but the ice-cream was nice 🙂

rhapsody's platter

Some friends and I went to Rhapsody’s for lunch.  I like the platter at  Rhapsody’s.  Their cocktails are pretty good too.


One morning, I decided I wanted a frappuccino but when I got to the café, I didn’t notice any cold coffee options, got side-tracked by the milkshakes on offer and ordered one instead.  The shake was crazy-thick and sickeningly-sweet so I didn’t finish it.

lunch at spur lagos

Lunch with friends again.  This time at Spur.  We did our best but couldn’t eat it all.

pizza in lagos nigeria

One of my closest friends, Suzanne, was abroad for about a year so when she came back recently, we had a meal to celebrate.  What do you mean pizza isn’t a meal?  It is to me. 🙂


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