Living in Lagos (June 2013)

1972 mercedes benz

My brother just bought a 1972 Mercedes Benz.  It’s cute and unusual but I fell about laughing when I saw it.  I couldn’t believe someone in Nigeria would buy a car that old just because they liked it.  He says people smile and wave at him when he drives the car though.  That’s sweet, isn’t it?

birthday party in lagos

Another brother’s twin sons turned 10 recently.  This picture is from the party.  It was like a carnival and the kids loved it.

chinese food in lagos

I went to dinner at a Chinese restaurant with my family and here’s what I had.  Looks good, doesn’t it?

crush soft drink

I tweeted the other day about the drink Crush that was around when I was little and which I thought didn’t exist anymore only for me to walk into a supermarket a few days later and see it in their fridge.  I go to that supermarket all the time and have never seen that drink there.  It was a really strange thing to happen.

birthday boy

Here’s my nephew on his 1st birthday.  Clearly, we were more excited about it than he was.  I love this photograph though.

nigerian food jollof rice wine

And what’s a birthday in Lagos without j-rice and wine?  The celebrant was a little too young to indulge though 🙂

owambe party in lagos

I was thinking the other day that I hadn’t been to an owambe in a while then the Universe quickly responded with this one I went to.  A friend’s grandmother died at the age of 95 and in Yoruba culture, it’s almost as if the older the person is when they die, the bigger the party.  This one was massive.


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