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One of the questions I hear most often is “Where are the good guys?”  Today, I’m going to answer that question.

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The search for good guys is a global one.  There are even songs about it like the recent one by Daya that goes “Where do the good boys go to hide away?”  The question here is ‘how to find good guys’ and I’m going to answer it seriously.  My answer is: you can find good guys everywhere.


That’s the real truth.  Good guys are everywhere but you may not have been noticing them.  Perhaps you don’t even know who a good guy is and you’ve been coming across him but you didn’t recognise him because you didn’t know who he was.  We have to tackle that right now.


The first thing you need to do is ask yourself ‘Who is a good guy to you’?  Is it someone who is tall, dark and Christian?  And also rich?  Or is he someone who is kind and witty and God-fearing?  Who is a good guy to you?  Whoever that is, you need to note those qualities and write them down.  Write down the list of qualities that a good guy has.


After you do that, you need to think about this.  Where is that guy most likely to hang out?  Is it going to be at an art gallery?  Is he going to be in church?  Is he going to be at Polo Club?  Where is he going to be?   Try to be in those places.


Now, there’s something I have to talk about.  Some women, or maybe it’s even a lot of women, think that good guys are in church and wat I have to say about this is: do you really think ONLY good guys go to church?  Because the thing is that a lot of bad guys go to church too and they just go there to look for a good girl to marry – someone they can put at home while they continue with their wild lives.


What you need to ask yourself is, ‘Do you really want somebody who goes to church every Sunday or what you want is someone who has good morals and who fears God because the two are not necessarily the same thing.  Some people just go to church for going sake, because they think society expects it of them but they’re not really God-fearing and they don’t have morals at all.  So you really really need to decide what it is that you want.


Once you’ve done that, you can now position yourself to meet the good guy that you’ve been looking for all this while.  Like I told someone recently, it’s possible for a man to change his religion but if someone is God-fearing, that is a quality that is not likely to change.  So, decide for yourself.  Do you want someone who is God-fearing or do you want someone who just says that they’re a Christian?  Be sure of what you want before you go for it.  That way, you won’t go around chasing shadows and you won’t get frustrated.


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