Why you can’t find your ideal guy

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I hear from women all the time who say they can’t seem to find their ideal guy no matter what they try.  These women say they meet men from time to time but these men don’t have the quality that they want in their ideal guy.  If that is you or if that is the situation that you’re in then do stick around because in this video, I’m going to be talking about why you can’t seem to find your ideal guy.

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The main reason you can’t find your ideal guy is because you don’t know who he is exactly.  Who IS your ideal man?  Whenever I ask women who their ideal man is, the answer I usually get is someone who is tall, dark and God-fearing. When I ask the woman to describe him to me more, they usually can’t.  They just can’t go further than that and the reason for that is that they don’t know who exactly it is they want.  What they know is what they’ve been told they should want.


Now listen – who your mother, your best friend, your mentor or anybody else says is your ideal man is NOT necessarily your ideal man.  Your ideal man is who YOU truly want.


If you’re truly serious about finding your ideal man, you need to sit down and write down the qualities that your ideal man would have.  Write down the qualities that are truly important to you in a man.  For example, is it important that he is tall or is it more important to you that he thinks you’re the most beautiful woman ever?  Is it important that he goes to church or is it more important that he is actually God-fearing?  Which one is more important to you?  Is it important that he is incredibly rich or is it important that he makes enough to look after himself and his future family?  What are the things that are truly important to you?  Think these things through.


When you have done this exercise properly, you will discover that you have a better idea of who your ideal man is.  What’s more, you may discover that you already have met your ideal man.  You just didn’t realise that he was the one because you were so focused on what other people wanted for you instead of what YOU wanted.  Now, think carefully after doing this exercise and look around you.  Are you sure you haven’t met your ideal guy yet?


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