5 great things to do in Cape Town

Cape Point – where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet

When you mention Cape Town, people who have been there always say ‘Such a beautiful city’.  And it’s true.  Cape Town may not be the capital of South Africa but it certainly gives Johannesburg a run for its money in the attention stakes.  There are many wonderful things to do in this beautiful African city; here are just 5 of them:

1.  Sail away at the V&A Waterfront:  The V&A Waterfront is a working harbour with shops, clubs and restaurants on the harbour.  You can actually charter a boat at the V&A but you don’t need to do that to sail away on a daydream prompted by the prettily-painted buildings, the boat and the water.  All you need (possibly after a day of shopping) is to have a meal at an outdoor restaurant or just buy a gelato, sit on a bench and enjoy the view.  By the way, did you know that the ‘A’ in V&A Waterfront stands for Alfred and not Albert?  You live, You learn like Alanis Morissette said.  Or in this case, You travel, You learn.

The V & A Waterfront

2.  Take in the view from Table Mountain:  Table Mountain is the ‘flat’-topped peak that’s synonymous with Cape Town and can be seen from almost anywhere in the city.  A cable car that revolves 360 degrees as it goes to the top of the mountain is available for anyone who wants to get to the top the easy way.  For the others, there are several trails to the top of the mountain, the shortest one taking about 2 hours to hike.  The views from Table Mountain are magnificent.  It is such an iconic part of the city that a trip to Cape Town without a trip to the top of Table Mountain would be like winning a race then not picking up the medal.

View of Signal Hill and Cape Town from Table Mountain

3.  Point out the two oceans at Cape Point:  Cape Point is said to be where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet.  Of course, you can’t point out where exactly the two oceans meet but it is still a great place to visit especially when you climb (or sensibly take the funicular) up to the Cape Point Lighthouse and take in the view around you.  Cape Town is known for its beauty and Cape Point is another spot from which you can admire it.

The Old Lighthouse at Cape Point

4.  Peep at the penguins on Boulders Beach:  Once you get to Boulders Beach, you understand how it got its name.  It is a pretty beach (if a rocky one) with people snorkeling and kayaking.  But of course the beach’s main draw are the penguins.  Many penguins make their home on Boulders Beach and because they are protected, they sometimes leave the beach for gentle strolls down the road where motorists try to avoid hitting the cute, waddling creatures.  The penguins of Boulders Beach are definitely a must-see.


Boulders Beach

5.  Watch the beautiful people at Camps Bay:  If you want to see and be seen in Cape Town, you go to Camps Bay.  Prince Harry and Leonardo DiCaprio have apparently been spotted here.  At Camps Bay, there are many restaurants and bars with great views of the beach which in high summer are packed with people.  The sea is really cold but you don’t have to do any actual swimming, just pick a spot and enjoy the view of the beautiful people…and of the beach of course.

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