What to do if he keeps letting you down

Are you in a relationship with a guy who keeps letting you down?  You know the kind of man I mean – the kind who you ask to come to an event with you and he agrees – only to cancel at the last minute; the kind of man who says he has paid the rent and you only find out he hasn’t when you see the quit notice from the landlord.


I know of a case where a man forged his girlfriend’s signature and took a loan in her name.  He didn’t repay the loan then disappeared without telling his girlfriend anything.  The frantic girlfriend who had spent the past few weeks looking for her ‘missing’ man was beyond shocked when she was then arrested for a fraudulent act she knew nothing about.


So this whole ‘letting you down’ thing can be a serious matter.  If you’re like most women, those kinds of things would bother you, so I think you would find today’s video helpful because in it, I talk about what to do if he keeps letting you down.


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