Travel Pictures: Cross River (Part 2)

Cross River is becoming one of my favourite places to visit.  Here are some pictures from my recent trip there.  I split the pictures from the trip into two posts so you don’t get photo-overload :-)   See the first part here.

one of the indoor seating areas at obudu resort

One of the public sitting rooms where you can chill (ha!ha!) in front of the fire at Obudu Mountain Resort.

presidential retreat obudu

Here’s part of the Presidential Retreat at Obudu Mountain Resort.  Yours at N250,000 a night only 🙂

bullet mark

When a former Yoruba Nigerian president (wink, wink) was told the Presidential Retreat was bullet proof, he took a gun from one of his aides and fired at the buildings.  Here’s one of the marks the bullets left.

executive suite at obudu resort

Different types of accommodation are available at Obudu Mountain Resort from African hut-style buildings to chalets on stilts.  These are the Executive suites.  Room rates at the Resort start at N25,000 which is reasonable.

the canopy walk at obudu resort

The Canopy Walkway at Obudu Mountain Resort is a must-do.

agbokim waterfalls

The Agbokim Waterfalls are within 3 hours drive of Obudu and are a beautiful sight.

national museum calabar

The National Museum in Calabar is housed in a beautiful building made in 1884.


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