Destination Weddings: Do you say ‘I do’?

Destination wedding are gaining in popularity in Nigeria.  I’m not sure why destination weddings are popular in other parts of the world but in Nigeria, I think a big part of it is that Nigerians love to show off.  Nigerians love the biggest, the most wanted and the most expensive.  Destination weddings fit right into the Nigerian ‘personality’.  A destination wedding (outside the country, obviously) says several things at once:

  1. I am unique (or at least, more unique than you)
  2. I have lots of money and
  3. This party is for a select few and you are not one of them.

Popular choices for destination weddings at the moment include The Gambia  and Dubai .  Extra points of course go to weddings held outside Africa.  If you pay the airfare for all your guests, you have practically won the game.


What do you think of destination weddings?  Did you have one?  Would you have one?  Tell us in the comments!


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