Picture of the month: Sentosa Island, Singapore

Sentosa Island is a little island off Singapore’s coast.  I would like to go to Singapore with its amazing shopping and other attractions but I would love to visit Sentosa Island.  Sentosa Island is apparently a tourist’s haven with beaches, restaurants and lots of stuff to do.  This photograph of Sentosa

Picture of the month: Miami

I’m a big fan of the beach and bodies of water in general so it’s no surprise that I would choose Miami for my Picture of the Month feature.  In fact, what is surprising is that I hadn’t done so earlier.  People I know who have been to Miami always go on about the weather and the…

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Things to do in Lagos: Elegushi Beach

Sunset at Elegushi Beach Lagos, where I live, is a coastal city with lots of beaches yet I haven’t been to one here in years.  I think I just took them for granted but I was really beginning to pine for the Lagos beach.  Finally, I made my way to one.  I went to